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  1. I have 2 Battery I charged them in external Charge and get full charged 100% But When I Put Any One in Mod Odin Mini I get 98% Also If I charged in enteral Usb in mod I have Full Charge In 98 % Can one Explain To Me Why battery is Vtc6 And Efest
  2. But I need Replay With Material Watt Not Any Tc Material And With This Theme I never Can, and i send to Sirtimmy Email And He Raplay
  3. This is what I was talking about Theme Have Problem In Replay Profile
  4. its not working in profile replay
  5. its Citrael theme but i add time and puff in screen and Ohm Always Change
  6. Thanks Dwcraig1😍😍 I Change Theme And Now It's Working Perfect In Profile Replay And in Tc
  7. I need Use Replay Profile With Watt Not in Tc Only I Need It Working in this
  8. Thanks Dwcraig1 i will Restore Stock Software And Theme And Will See What Happens
  9. Yes Resume icon It's Mean Save puff
  10. But in Profile Replay Is Non Tc Wire I need Working Profile Replay Without Tc I Want Work It With Watt
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