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  1. Great! I'll get a soldering iron and see if I can fix it! Thanks for the help!
  2. The Drone is ran in series, with both positives and both negatives on together on opposite ends of the sled. I did take it apart to check for leaks when it first happened, although could not get the sled out completely without desoldering it. on the bottom of the board where the positive and negative wires are attached, there is a wire that looks like a faded red color, I'm assuming that is probably the balance wire.
  3. haven't been using the mod, but just took both batteries out and put them on the charger. Both reading the same, 4.15v
  4. ok. I've got an external charger that shows voltage while charging, and a 250c Centaurus that I haven't used yet, so either would work. I'll check it around 3 hours from now.
  5. Should I be using it throughout the day to facilitate the battery drain?
  6. it is working, voltage is staying constant on both cell, and is firing. Battery level stays at 1% though. Will update later today or tomorrow morning after checking actual battery level. Drone 9v power.csv
  7. so change it to 9v, leave the batteries in and wait a day to see if one gets drained?
  8. Aannnndd I don't have a receipt or order confirmation for it so they won't help me. Like really, Drone's have been discontinued for how long now? Who keeps receipts or emails for that long? Guess I'll just have to fix it myself or get someone else to do it
  9. Is it possible that the battery management system is shot, or can we rule that out? j/w if I should go thru the trouble of re wiring it, or just buy another
  10. I don't have a multimeter, but I did pull the casing apart somewhat to check for leaks and loose wires. Everything on the board and top of battery sled looks ok, but it feels like I can't remove the sled without desoldering it from the board
  11. Same thing. only let me take 1 puff before saying "check battery". Does it with completely different set of batteries also, and both pairs of batteries work fine in other mods
  12. my battery level is jumping around, 85%, 45%, 4% plugged it to Escribe and voltage on cell 2 is jumping a bit also. Anyone know what the problem is? Battery Management.csv
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