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  1. Spent the other day in escribe trying to figure out how I could add a bar that corresponds your last puff time to the maximum puff time. For example, if you hit it for 2 seconds with a 10 second max, it would be 20% full, or 5 with 10, 50% full. This is purely for aesthetic purposes. I had seen it on an old smok mod of mine before, and wanted to recreate it because I just like how it looks, and when I’m creating a custom theme for myself I just want to play around with making it look as cool as possible for me. Unfortunately I eventually looked up if it was possible, and there’s an older post saying that it was not. The posts author wanted to have the firing time bar update in real time while taking a hit. Considering I only want the gauge updated after the last puff I feel like that is more doable. Spent all day trying to mess around with things, but it seems there’s no way to, even though you can still monitor the last puff time, you can’t set it as a gauge that works properly. Whenever you take a hit it will just completely fill up the entire bar, no matter what time. If there’s any possibility this could be a small addition, I would very much appreciate it, or if someone could help me figure out some way to modify it myself in the firmware I’d also be happy to mess around with things and see what I can do. Not a big deal, just something I’d love to be able to add to my DNA250c.
  2. Nope, I was using Verizon LTE, but now i can download it, I guess it was just down earlier, or someone saw my post and fixed it, cause its working now strangely enough.
  3. Spent a couple hours trying to figure this out, but from the front download page for escribe software, it won't download, just ends up timing out, even tried to download from command prompt and it timed out, had to go back to sp12 and then download the service pack from there. I'm not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but I put the earliest working download that I could find attached to this post. Really weird, my firewall wasnt blocking anything and it wouldnt even work on phone hotspot connection. SetupEScribe2_SP12_US_ServicePack.exe
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