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    Help adding 316L material/ profiles

    I might have skipped over this comment my apologies, I'm on mobile at the moment and don't always get every notification and navigation is just a pain.... Thank you for reaching out to me again here and I'm so sorry that I didn't respond to you there. I'm going to try this in a second once I get some errands done. Will report back to you on reddit soon.
  2. So I got my first DNA250 mod ever, an Starss Player/ Asmodus Oni167 for a steal. I was excited to have my first ever DNA mod but it doesn't have an SS316L profile or material file? I really only need help with a couple things.... 1, making a stock profile to use for SS316L, most of my builds are pretty similar so idk if I NEED TO punch in the coil specs for my builds for the steam engine csv, or if I can just somehow make a material CSV with the TCR of 316L?? 2 I have a Kanger top tank with the Stainless steel coil heads, I got it cause I thought it was 316 and it too is 316L. I'm hearing people have issued getting the exact coil specs so I was wondering if anyone had a whole profile for the KangerTech top tank's 0.5 ohm SS316l coils? 20-30 watts with a 30-45w preheat? 3 is it even possible to have a BASIC 316L material CSV from steam engine? Or does it NEED to be speced to the coil? Can I get a TCR based custom material from escribe? I really want to experience DNA level TC, and I'm a bit confused as far as materials, and profiles go... With stream engine, it asks for the specs of the coil... I need a profile I can use without knowing the specs of the coil, and if you guys can help me figure out a profile for my KangerTech Toptank I will be forever appreciative. The more I use the 250 the more I want a 250C so I can just punch in a TCR 😂