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    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    I really wish they would have allowed Mac to update the device by now. I understand it may take longer for Mac because of Apple certification and now the lack of 32 bit support with Catalina. But I believe EScribe is 64 bit (because it still works) and “should” be able to simply update the device. I love my Orion DNA but a week and a half after I bought it this update became available and I have been waiting for a chance to update it. When I emailed support all I got was “we are pushing our engineering team to release Mac version. Could you ask shop for help?” I don’t know of many shops that have a windows pc there to update devices, just an iPad register. Not to mention the FDA stopping shops from touching customers devices for liability reasons. and if they did, would I be able to change setting on my older version of escribe? luckily I can use the Orion plus mesh coils without updating.