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  1. natebuchanan

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    Thanks for trying to help me scrape my dignity off of the're top notch. I'd just recently started using eScribe, and was so impressed that I went out and bought a DNA 60 mod...then a 75...then a 200/250, but the eScribe software is still super intimidating. I thought for SURE I'd bricked my favorite pod-style device, I'm OK with it just being my brain that misfired. Thanks again @aimfire72.
  2. natebuchanan

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    I'm a COMPLETE moron...I was pressing the replay button 5 times instead of the fire button. Ever feel like you've completely wasted people's time? Yeah, that's me...right now. Thanks for the super-quick reply @aimfire72.
  3. natebuchanan

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    Apparently I’ve done something REALLY wrong. I followed all instructions exactly as given, and now I can’t get my device to fire. I’ve NEVER had any issues with it up to this point. After I did the upgrade, my device won’t turn on or fire. I can hook it up to escribe, I can even use the device monitor, but the fire button won’t even work on that screen, let alone the fire button on the device itself. Just a light purple light whenever I press anything. This has been my favorite device, I feel lost without it. Please help! I tried to do the install instructions all over again, and also tried to do the “restore defaults” option on the “general”tab. I also tried both the hard and soft reboot options under tools.