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    Paranormal 250C button issue/auto firing

    Ok, thank you so much for your quick response. One week is not bad at all.
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    Hey john do you still work at evolve?
  3. dancovert89@gmail.com

    Paranormal 250C button issue/auto firing

    Did anyone ever get back with you on this problem? I just got one today and had taken the batteries out to charge them, so I put another set in while the others were charging and when I did it started auto firing. So I took them out and did what you did, which was update it on describe. Well I put the atomizer back on it and it didnt auto fire but when i switched back to the batteries that originally made it auto fire it did it again. So, I put the original ones back in and it was fine. Now the batteries that made it so that are brand new ones with no damage. They are the correct size. So i dont what it is or what to do. I've emailed them and am just waiting for a response at this point.