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  1. I wasn't running it on an external switch. I did try to see if it would stop autofiring, however it didn't stop it. I submitted a ticket as well John, thank you for your assistance
  2. Cleaned it up super good and it's still auto firing. Thanks for all the time help. This chip is frustrating me. The others have gone in and had zero issues.
  3. So just cover that up with some liquid electrical tape?
  4. I'm just not seeing any place on or around the out pad where it could be shorting. I get That it is simple but I can't see it. Maybe bc I am trying to fix it and that's why but either way I can't see it.
  5. I have taken the box apart to get a better look at it and I don't see any solder other than on the pad for the out. I'm chalking this one up as a loss
  6. So I have the board running off the buttons on the boards and it has been working great for a little over a week and then last night after taking a puff, it started auto firing when an atty was connected to it. I pulled the board out I'm the box, to where nothing was touching the bottoms at all and screwed atty down and still autofires.
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