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    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus it’s straight from lost Vapes website. The only thing I notice on the instruction was that once the update completes, reset the device to defaults for it to reflect on escribe then you can customize your presets
  2. Rev Vapes

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    So quick update after a few days. This update is pretty great. Maybe it’s a placebo effect but I feel that each drawl not in replay seems more consistent. Like when before one draw to the next felt pretty different. With the update they feel more closer to each other. I’m getting a lot of vapor production and really good flavor with the .5 ohm coil. Again maybe placebo but feels like the consistent drawl not in replay produced more vapor on my same juice. Overall a really good update and would recommend to anyone. Not gonna lie, I’m still gonna but the Orion Plus model when it comes out cause that black stabwood model looks amazing but at least until then this will hold me off
  3. Rev Vapes

    Orion Go upgrade to Orion Plus

    Hey guys. First time posting. Been vaping on the PSO Edition Orion since it came out and saw this post. Took the jump on the firmware. Lost Vapes instructions are pretty straightforward. Took less than 10 mins from start to finish. One of the main things it did was 5 preprogrammed profiles to the DL and MTL settings. Also it added another tab specifically for the 1.0 ohm pod with 3 preprogrammed settings. I don’t know if it allows for replay on those pods since I don’t have any 1.0 ohm pods. And lastly I don’t know if this is new but maybe I never es noticed but when charging, the charging light changes from like blue to blue green until it’s 100%. That’s what I’ve notice so far. The MTL are my own settings the others are the defaults from Lost Vape after the update