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    Why would you need to im sure it was done to prevent fraudulent resale used of devices as near new devices with low hit counts.
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    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    What about the new FDA regulations regarding US manufacturing of vape components it does cover chips and software evolv is a US based company is evolv going to be able to survive the storm ? Also IMO I dont think the profit margin / demand for a single battery 75c is too low for the mass production. When your pricing it a competitive rate $ 120.00. Id like to find one You can get a rebel single batt 21700 75c for around $180.00 which isnt that bad if your really wanting a single 75c when a lost vape paranormal is only a few dollars cheaper. Anyone have any long term experience with a rebel .
  3. Thats exactly whats seems to be going on its only intermittent when its fired otherwise the mod works fine so im assumming the screen is going to have to be replaced. The mods under warranty so I hope i dont have issues getting a repacment
  4. I have a new device the screen is intermitant it works for a while the screen fade out and standbye time are correct in escible then it starts to act up instantly goes blank after firing mod no fade out sometimes the screen stays off but mod will fire any ideas.
  5. Ed g

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    I went thru this also it's a shame you cant find a single battery 75c that's at a decent price point and compact one other than the rebel which was more than I was willing to spend . I searched for a while for one to replace my SX Mini SL as it's too heavy for me to carry around. My use is MTL so I went a step backwards and purchased a 75 with single 18650 from Jac vapour. I'm presently surprised with the batter life and performace with this mod.