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  1. DeftonerDad

    Constant temp protect warning in wattage mode

    I did some testing and it seems to be an issue when using anodized 510s. Another modder brought it to my attention and i tested it and that really seems to be the culprit. I took a dremel and grinded away the black anodized finish on the threads of the 510 and problem went away.
  2. DeftonerDad

    Temp Protect error

    Haven't change anything. It seems to only do it when you out new coils on the mods. Once you get the hot spots out of the coils and fire it at full power a few times the error goes completely away. For instance I'll out a fresh set of alien kanthal coils on it and I ha e to start at 20w and slowly working my way up to the normal 180w I vape them at. I never had this issue until latest service pack release. I've talked to a few other modders and they encountered this to.
  3. DeftonerDad

    Constant temp protect warning in wattage mode

    Im constantly getting this error now to. i use to not get it but since latest update its happening to alot of my customers
  4. DeftonerDad

    Temp Protect error

    Anyone else having 250c constantly getting temp protect error? since newest update its happening on alot of the mods i build. I can only get the mod to fire fresh coils in replay mode at like 20w. after i fire it for a few seconds at 20w i bump up to 30w, then 50w, then 80w and then up to normal wattage. Doing it on kanthal, n80 and SS coils so far. Alot of my customers are reporting exact same issues.