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  1. Calvary_Creations

    Not Charging Internally

    My last 2 boards have done this with multiple different cables. Even on a brand new anker cable. I sent the first one back and the replacement is doing it too. I have installed over 100 of these boards so I know its not an installation issue.
  2. Calvary_Creations

    .stl for 250c board mount

    Anyone have a good 3d printer file for a board mount they would share?
  3. Calvary_Creations

    Constant temp protect warning in wattage mode

    He is local so I will have him bring it by and check out his build and do the update. If that doesn't fix it I will post back here.
  4. So I have a customer with a mod that in wattage mode constantly says temp protect as soon as you fire. It used to work fine in watt boost though. Now it is doing it there too. What can I do to get rid of this message and get this guy rolling again? The mod is a 250 dual 21700 200w. I do not have the mod yet but he has never had it hooked to escribe. I have had other boards do this in wattage mode but always worked fine in watt boost.
  5. Calvary_Creations

    Watts Jumping while firing DNA 200

    The device is not back to me yet. I hope to have it the first of next week. I am just trying to get a head start on what might be wrong.
  6. I have a customer who's dna 200 3s lipo just started going crazy when firing. The watts jumps around everywhere mod was fine before. Any clue what could be causing this? Tried to upload the video he sent but obviosly mp4 isn't accepted.
  7. Calvary_Creations

    Laser engraving?

    If you want to ship the enclosure to the U.S I can do it and ship it back.
  8. Calvary_Creations

    need a little help

    I just built my first 250c and I am running 3s ith a 5200mah battery. I used a 3s balance plug on the board then bridged t3 &t4. My battery is fully charged but it is only showing 4% charge. Why?