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  1. When a theme is adopted almost unchanged, it is usually good form to name the original author.
  2. Holy shit - where are you going to experiment with this? In an 80s discotheque? Or on the film set for the next "The Fog"? My steam clouds are enough for me with restrictive DL between 12 and 20 watts ... I don't get it, from 50 watts it actually gets sporty, the clouds also want to be breathed away first, but that has nothing to do with enjoyment, right? But okay, some take it sporty - if there wasn't a market, there would be no corresponding atomizer and battery mod. Everyone as they like it.
  3. Definitely looks super interesting - to me, I've never heard or seen anything about it. I will definitely look to see if this is also available in my size ... MTL ... Small ... For a year now I have been with DL for once, or more than 35W.
  4. Because you linked two completely independent statements - but it doesn't matter now. Who is we? I think a lot of people are satisfied with the situation - you hear from a lot of people "TC mode? I don't need it, I set my wattage and it's good ..." Are all liquids the same, do all liquids taste the same to me at the same temperature? Or is it not rather that I vape different liquids at (slightly) different temperatures? So I put my coil in and after two or three puffs I have a good setting, save the puff and that's it. For the power spectrum that the DNA250C is able to cover (we're talking about a maximum of 400W!), You can't avoid setting a basic power in spite of TC mode. Of course there are mods that have a fixed start value - but they don't cover such a range of services. I think it is better if at least both of us acknowledge that we do not come together in our expectations of the "experience" of vaping. And I realized for myself that just observation is not always enough: well-founded knowledge is just - well - knowledge is just.
  5. Sorry but that is not true. The TCR is a constant that depents on the material, and decribes how much the resistance of the material changes when it is heated. That does NOT depend on the shape of the material neither on the location. It is always the the same under a maple or beneeth an oak and even on mars. You are bringing together two separate and independent statements from me - this is dishonest. To the TCR, I said, I'm not a physicist, just an observer. And I observe that a coil burns out from the inside out, that means that it heats up more in the middle - certainly a question of cooling, but at which point does the coil have the calculated temperature? I don't know anyone who uses a straight wire to vape - mesh would be interesting in this context. The second part of my statement clearly related to the question of what knowledge I gain by knowing the exact (!) Temperature of my coil. In my opinion none, apart from the urge to research. As you can see for yourself, REPLAY is a fine thing in view of the imponderables such as measurement accuracy, wire quality, etc. On the subject of gaining knowledge, I think - it's just my suspicion, of course - that most vapers don't really care how it works. They are happy to have no more dry hits and not have to bother with the described problems of TC mode - they don't want to.
  6. So I'm sorry, but I have to disagree on a few points. Even if I'm not a physicist, just an observer: - The temperature coefficient of a material changes as soon as it is processed into a coil. Large diameter / small diameter, spaced or non-spaced. Even the shape of the wire cross-section plays a role. Precisely because I'm not a physicist, I ask (myself) what I want to achieve with temperature control when vaping, I speak for myself: - I want a consistent taste experience - - regardless of the temperature of the environment, of the evaporator -. I want to avoid a dryhit Even if I manage to master all influencing factors and parameters, I finally want to know what this effort was for. I then know that this batch of this liquid in this vaporizer with this coil tastes best for me personally at 235 ° C in the sunshine in the shade of a maple. But only when the wind comes from the west. Otherwise I need 239 ° C. REPLAY is not a workaround - REPLAY is a blessing.
  7. Thanks to everyone who understood the purpose of this topic and left positive feedback
  8. EVOLV has developed the "REPLAY" function to save such setting work. For anything but simple wires outside of laboratory conditions, TC control is always only a questionable approximation; The control works, but the calculated temperature is like a weather report. At least that's my opinion and experience.
  9. 8 downloads

    - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... See also my other Themes:
  10. "VaporState theme made for Hyperion" The Hyperion has only 1 Cell and no Powerbank. In some screens you integrated the wallpaper in the layout, other screens are unreadable.
  11. 33 downloads

    Some very popular custom themes have serious bugs in the REPLAY / TC implementation. The result is a frustrating disappointment with the promised possibilities of the DNA chipset and the user wonders what he has spent so much money on. With this theme I help you to find and fix incorrect settings or settings not intended by Evolv in each profile. This allows you to rule out incorrect settings of the mod. Alternatively, it would be possible to reset the mod to the factory settings, but you would then lose all settings for your Attys, perhaps also individual profile names. With this theme, I offer you the opportunity to keep your individual settings and only fix incorrect settings. The reason for writing a small mini-theme for this is that I am familiar with at least one custom theme with its derivatives, in which settings that have been made incorrectly can no longer be corrected and are no longer visible to the user. With the help of this little "tool" you can see at a glance whether the combination of material, TC mode, or REPLAY in each profile corresponds to Evolv's specifications and can correct this if necessary. The background is the possibility of using the theme designer to enable the choice of materials within the theme - which in itself is not bad. However, it is also possible, for example, to switch to the "Watt" material when the TC mode is activated. Only very few themes inform the user about this incorrect setting, many custom themes even hide the switch and the displays for the TC mode after the material change. It is then no longer possible for the user to recognize and correct this incorrect setting. Usually this only expresses the error message "Temp Protect" when firing and the user is at a loss. The same applies to the replay mode and a change to the choice of a temp-sensitive material. This is basically possible, but the problems begin when the TC mode is also activated. This little mini-theme should be a little helper if your mod behaves "strangely" after you have used a custom theme for some time with the option of choosing a material. Not more but also not less.
  12. Which brings me back to my favorite question - which theme is used? Stock theme or custom theme? If custom theme, which one? Some very popular custom themes have serious bugs in the replay / TC implementation.
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