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  1. That seems to be for the 250C? I have the Triade 250.
  2. My test lasted around 2.5 hours. The funny thing was the battery level went down to 0% after about 45 minutes and then remained at 9% for the remainder of the test. This should hopefully fix the problem I was getting with the battery percentage dropping so quick. I think this was more of a visual than actual battery drain so updating the battery profile following the battery analyzer test should fix it. Will report back.
  3. MohKha

    DNA 250 chip shows wrong battery level

    Have you tried running the battery analyzer in escribe? check out this guide here.
  4. I've built it as shown in the link. just one loop of 22awg kanthal. Its reading at 0.57 ohms and im running the test at 40w. Test has been running for 10mins and the battery is already down to 70%.
  5. Edit: Battery analyzer started working after 15mins.
  6. Thanks for the notes. I have one more question. I'm trying to run the battery analyzer as per instructions in the link provided above. Batteries are showing as fully charged on my nitecore and on the triade but when trying to start the battery analyzer it just says 'waiting to be fully charged'
  7. screenshot of device monitor attached
  8. Fair point. Its just that my understanding was that DNA chips give a 'true' wattage, whereas other 'cheaper' mods/chips don't. So reviewers most of the time compare against a DNA chip mentioning things like X mod at 90w is more like 85w on a DNA device. Based on that my understanding was a DNA device would feel more powered compared to a non DNA.
  9. Any idea on my second question? Someone mentioned that some mod manufacturers 'over power' their chips. I would think that the reason they do this is to have a similar experience to something like a DNA chip, so I would expect a 'over powered' chip and a DNA chip to hit fairly equal at the same wattage?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll post a full print screen this evening.
  11. Hi all, I've just purchased my first DNA device and liking it so far however I have noticed a couple of things which I need help/clarification on. 1) The battery seems to be discharging very quickly. I am using 3 married Samsung 25rs (not old). Fully charged on an external charger. Currently running an RTA at 90w but every pull I take reduces the battery by 1% so I get around 100 pulls before the battery is dead. This seems really strange! Hope someone cal help. The soft cut off in escribe is showing 3.09v. 2) Using the same RTA at 90w and comparing between my old Modefined Lyra mod and the Triade, the Lyra hits far more harder at 90w compared to the Triade. I have to increase the wattage to 100w to get a similar experience to that of the Lyra at 90w. Again this seems strange to me. 3) At 90w when hitting the fire button the display shows 57w for around 0.5s and then goes to 90w. Can someone explain why it doesnt go straight to 90w? Many Thanks!