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    Escribe not responding

    nevermind, the old version does not let me set my battery life up because it does not have a mod tab. So basically what happens is when I plug my device in and click connect. The program freezez and my computer tells me its not responding. Im getting really frustrated here. Im trying to run the US edition of suite on windows 8.1
  2. LyleLanier

    DNA 250 chip shows wrong battery level

    Soo I bought a wismec DNA 250 and ever since I plugged it into escribe my mod won't read the right battery level. After vaping all day and the battery meter runs down to empty. My batteries definatley are not and ita a pain not knowing how much charge I have left. What do I do here . This thing is pissing me off, please help
  3. Sooo I have a wismec DNA 250. However ever since I plugged it into escribe. The battery bar on my device never shows fully charged with fresh full batteries. After the a day of vaping, the battery bar goes down to empty yet my batteries aren't. It's a headache not knowing how much charge I have left. I almost wish I never plugged it in. I'm using hohmlife 3077mah 18650s . New ones at that . I've even popped my lgh2s in and it does the same thing . Am I screwed or what do I do? Please help lol
  4. LyleLanier

    Escribe not responding

    I figured it out . I needed to download the older version for some reason .
  5. LyleLanier

    Escribe not responding

    the device is a wismec realux dna 250, the version of escribe I am assuming is the latest version. Not exactly sure.... I have tried both versions, the US and the international one. Same issue with both.
  6. I have downloaded escribe but everytime i try to do anything with the program with my device connected, it freezes and is not responding. I am running windows 8.1 any advice or ideas?