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  1. so after a year or 2 of faithful service, i blew the fuse on my dna200 board somehow. it was plugged into usb and i MIGHT have put a cell in backwards... while it was plugged in... after taking my mod apart and getting to where i can see it... the fuse is definitely blown, i poked it and the green on the outside brushed away. ive aquired a replacement and am a little excited actually at my first attempt hand soldering a surface mount thing this small. but i wanted to verify before i do, should there be continuity between the fuse and that lower battery contact tab? all ive actually done to the board so far is desoldered that particular battery wire because is was blocking the fuse. im not planning on just like solder-bridgeing any gaps, it just looks like this board was assembled rather... hastily i guess (starrs player box) and it kinda looks like there might be whiskers bridging the gap , but i have to assume there was a reason theres pads were kept seperate in the first place, i dont really know. also i apologise if this isnt the best place for this post, its been a while since ive been here