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    Have Orion DNA Go, & I want to get Paranormal or Mirage.

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  1. hello. i just updated the firmware of my two orion dna go devices from sp21 to sp39. i’m trying to find a change log, & i can’t seem to find it. does anyone know what the change log says? thanks!
  2. hope they update the app for mac soon. also, hope they add an option to upgrade to the plus without having to go back & forth in folders. kind of like when there is a firmware update, and it just ask if you would like to update. that would be nice. maybe its just too new. weird escribe isn't quite ready. loving my plus tho. :D ready to update my original dna's. also, wonder if we will get a best settings guide. like, i always set my boost to 0, on the dna, and the warmth to 1. not sure if i should do it with the plus, yet.
  3. Hey, no prob! Yeah. I was really hoping for an answer, myself. That was the whole reason for my first comment. & when a few days passed and still no one was saying anything. I kind of got concerned. Lol. I will go with it being false, too. I’m still about to order another one, tho. Haha. Did you know they are hand made? Pretty crazy. & I haven’t tried the .25 pods Yet. Been really enjoying the .5 tho. Prolly going to get the .25 soon.
  4. I said kind of confirmed. Also, he said lost vape only works one product at a time, and we know they just released the Q. never stated anything as fact. And yeah, the Q is cheaper, and also doesn’t have real carbon fiber. Also doesn’t have adjustable setting. Didn’t say it sucked. Just said I wasn’t Interested. Also, the concern for the pods is real because the Q doesn’t take .5 or .25. So...
  5. Ah, thanks. & I haven’t tried to ask them. Dang. lol. I’ll do that.
  6. Not sure how to edit my comment, but I asked vaporDNA if they had heard anything, & they kind of confirmed it. What the heck? I’m seriously not interested in the Q..
  7. Still no replies? Man, hope this isn’t true. I want to get more colors before it’s gone. Also, would be really bad if pods became unavailable.
  8. Hello. Just here to learn more about my Orion, & maybe learn about some products I might get, too. 


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