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  1. DBA

    Battery Cover

    so did they tell you they're not supporting broken battery covers any more? I got one a few months ago.
  2. DBA

    Battery Cover

    https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1 They'll ship you a new one for free, I've already gone through two on my Mirage.
  3. DBA

    Replacement battery door and hinge?

    I contacted customer support when the door on my Mirage wouldn't close properly and Evolv sent me a free replacement within days. It was just two screws to replace, very easy. Great support!
  4. New user, I've had trouble with temp protect errors with no firing when I try to use the molecule coil on a Sai TAF in TC profile. I think I strummed it correctly, but it was my first attempt and I don't have another to try. TC works fine with the Ti and Quartz buckets. The mole works fine in Replay without TC, I fired until there was the beginning of vapor production and saved that. It works great pretty much every time. I am I missing something by not using TC with the mole, or does Replay just replace it?
  5. DBA

    Escribe not working

    I just bought a Pro last month, upgraded to Mojave. This works;
  6. DBA

    DNA 75c battery csv's

    Anything in the works for a single Samsung 30-T?