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  1. So I am not sure how (possible juice leak?) but on one of my early prototypes mods I designed the T1 balanced tap out pin on my DNA 250c got arced and burnt up to where there is no longer any viable connection from the tap pin. I never use the USB to charge any of my mods, and I would like to keep using the chip to test builds I do. As long as I don't use the usb to charge is it ok to still use the chip with no connection to the positive from the T1 connection? Or does it also balance the amount of draw from each battery? I've never understood if which was the case. Any info would be great.
  2. You know that's pretty awesome that you tested that. Since I just went back and plugged my spare DNA 250c screen into the chip and said to myself that it still didn't work. Then I remembered that the screen I was plugging into it was a bad screen. That's great to know it does work now so I can just order an extra screen and build up another 3d printed mod. I got one already to go for the SXK chip too. The only reason I doubted that it worked was the connector was a tiny bit smaller to my eyes and the way the ribbons wiring was a bit different from each other. I guess That's great the chip isn'
  3. So Fasttech has been out of the 510 you recommended to replace the SXK mod with. I finally broke the delrin nut on it and need to find one that works. I got the mod maker v6 but it's too thin since it's a low profile. Instead of waiting I just decided to finish my design of my own DNA 250c squonk mod that I had been putting off completing. But I would still like to repair the SXK mod. Also the sxk chip I took out of the mod I swapped the DNA 250c into screen went out completely and unfortunately as close as the DNA 250c screen is, it does not work for the sxk chipset. I guess my next thing is
  4. So mostly finished the design for my prototype DNA 250c squonk mod. There are a few things that need to be worked out on the final prints still, but for now I believe that I have a working prototype. I am going to assemble it this afternoon. I ordered a MM 510 v6 and it has the same neck that you showed me with the threads that will work on the SXK neck. The delrin washer finally broke on me with it so that device is out of commission until the new 510 gets here in the mail. I've looked everywhere to try, and find some type of elbow adapter like the one that SXK made for their boxer style mo
  5. Just gotta say how impressed I am with your work @AMDtrucking. It inspired me to start designing again. I used your pictures for the Boxer mod to swap in my own chip into the SXK body. Not as pretty but it gets the job done. . I am currently working on my own enclosures for the DNA 250c and I have two functional prints done but the quality of my FDM printers leaves more to be desired. But they are still usable and acceptable. I will most likely source out a sls print service to get the final prints made. Though FDM printing will allow me to prototype just fine and build a functional mod t
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