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    now Stopped Firing DNA 75

    Hi guys, I have managed to get this fixed under warranty, needed a new main board, they did a good job thanks Rob from Withernsea. It was juice ingress, the cause. I actually changed the stock bottle for one without the hole. Then it doesn't weep.
  2. Martia

    now Stopped Firing DNA 75

    Hi, yes I'm using The flave tank, for 2 months without issue, it works still on the geek vape squonker and I tried 4 different tanks with full range of coils from. 2ohms up to 1.5ohms It won't fire on any, I tried thoroughly cleaning 510 no evidence of juice anywhere to be honest it has never leaked, I fill using a 510 coil master for a clean fill. Can't weigh it up....
  3. I'm hoping someone can help with this issue, The Therion DNA75 has stopped firing, I have tested the Tank on another mod and all is well, but what I am getting is that the Display shows as normal, I press the Fire button, it says firing for about .5 second then switches to new coil, and suggests an option between new coil or not and says .28 ohms when read (not far off ) it does not matter is i choose yes or no, it will not fire, it goes blank screen then switches to standby mode, I have updated the service pack, returned to stock theme, checked as many settings as i can in light scribe and can't see anything wrong. any advice please ?