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  1. Hi JurgenDP, I had a chat with Daniel from DJLsb Vapes (a youtube vaper) he told me, along with some other commentators here that as far as he knows all coils using kanthal will not work with the replay. I just got a new iJoy Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank Diamond with the 0.15 mesh coil and it works fine in replay.
  2. Hey Black_Mully and others interested in this thread; Can you recommend a good sub-ohm coil perhaps a stainless steal SS316L that works with the replay? From what I've read, I've found these so far. Additionally, I just read another post that said Nichrome is also not compatible for the replay. I like the flavor I get off the triple or quad mesh coils, but they tend to be kanthal. Thanks everyone - VAPE ON! 🚭 no more 🚬 Would really like to keep adding to this "Master List" FreeMax Mesh Pro Quad Mesh coils UWELL D1 UWell Crown III Eleaf Ello HW1
  3. Thanks Black_Mully, that must be it. The MELO 300 says this on the product desc: Product Introduction The Eleaf ES Sextuple-0.17ohm Head is consisted of sextuple kanthal coils and is compatible with VW, Bypass and Smart modes. ES Sextuple-0.17ohm Head is rated at an ultra high power range of 100-300W
  4. FYI: I use an Eleaf MELO 300 and the coil material isn't compatible with replay. Too bad because the mesh coil is one of the most flavorful coils I've ever vaped on and I've been vaping now close to 5 yrs.
  5. Is there a list of atomizers and coils that are compatible with the REPLAY mode? I am currently using a MELO 300 and the mesh coils don't seem to work with REPLAY mode. Thank you.
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