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  1. Klap

    VTC6 - Full CSV battery

    i make the full discharge of the battery, with 40W hits - maybe i fail with importing the file. but i mak the full discharge test with DNA 250C connected in the PC with Escribe.
  2. Klap

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    u have the SS316L i am using that one i put here, maybe i want test with ure material configuration. thanks for the answer ! i will test it
  3. Klap

    VTC6 - Full CSV battery

    yes i am using it, i put new batteries on mod, and make the battery Test with Escribe software, until batteries go 0%. Is my first time i do this, for that i put " i hope works " ... just an expression
  4. i buy new tween VTC6 18650 battery and i make full battery analyzer for maximize puffs and charge. i share the CSV . i hope works :) thanks 18650VTC6.csv
  5. Klap

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    THE PROFILE SETTINGS: Yes Replay Works, but i never work if TEMPERATURE is FINE or REAL so what i do: We say at cold ohms have 0,118 and i put 300C and PUFF 4 sec. and we se rise to 0,136, so i make new Curve: And i make New mid points - Maybe is wrong, but sounds logical to me.. what u t hink? i add the CSV. The flavor and vapor is nice, maybe is working fine now.. MeshKlap1.0.csv
  6. Klap

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    okey, let me give this to you i dont know if i do fine: I fire for 3 seconds i see cold is in 0,118 and when i puff go to 0,136
  7. Klap

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    u think this CSV is fine? Mesh.csv
  8. Klap

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    i will try in Escribe and send to my DNA. i am waiting for Difgi Answer to thanks !
  9. Klap

    DNA and MESH SS316L

    OKEY, i will ask to Digi for the information, if i have an answer i will post here
  10. Hi i am working with the RTA THEMIS of DIGITAL FLAVOR and MESH SS316L , i have 0.128 ohms, But i can't work fine the MESH TCR or Replay. Someone have the Profile for this Material for work fine in TCR mode or REPLAY MODE? Thanks !!!!
  11. Klap

    Question Voltage MODE over WATS

    so no Voltage MODE -- Thanks for the information.
  12. i want ask, if i can set Volts and not Wats (for example like DRAG) . I search in google and here and i cant find anything of that. So DNA 250C can set Volts and let Variable Wattage? Thanks
  13. Klap


    Version 1.0.0


    Profile with Replay for THEMIS MESH COIL of SS316L - @0.128 ohms - PreHeat - Punch - Wors nice, nice flawor