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  1. Hello!!! To anyone who has disassembled and successfully reassembled the original Lost Vape Orion: After taking this mod apart, there seems to be some silver contact on one of the faceplates and when the faceplates aren't sealed tightly against the battery, the mod tends to disconnect randomly until firm pressure is applied on the faceplates. Any tips on securing these faceplates onto the mod tightly? Silicon glue perhaps? Or, should the faceplates not be a factor on the Lost Vape Orion functionality, and is my mod in fact starting to "fail" at some deeper level, perhaps at one of th
  2. does anyone use freebase nicotine in their lost vape orion? does it vape as well as salt nicotine? thanks.
  3. I set it to 30 watts one time with boost set to 11 with the .25 ohm coil The pod tasted burnt though You can try it for yourself
  4. you were right, it tasted burnt when i maxed everything out. i ended up resetting it to default settings with maximum boost and maximum warmth. hits fine. thanks.
  5. Yo vapers. Can somebody list all of the maximum settings that I can put everything to? Wattage, boost, warmth, etc. Thanks.
  6. "Did you disable the MTL by unchecking the checkbox for "enable" in escribe to force the MTL profile with the .25 coil? " i am trying to understand, by unchecking mouth to lung wouldn't that force the device to perform direct lung?
  7. that means one would receive 40w at the beginning of the puff but it will taper off to 30w? btw what is the highest level you can set boost to?
  8. do you get decent clouds with the .25 at 15 watts? btw it seems you happened to get a functioning device, many people on this forum received duds.
  9. sup guys. has anybody set the wattage to forty? i just ordered it n i want to set it to maximum everything. what do you guys think? n also, if not forty, what wattage + settings are all of you running it on? thanks.
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