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  1. Wanted to give you some follow up on this. With the ticket opened, after troubleshooting, had to send my mod to get fixed. As soon as it got to evolv in a couple of days was already up and working, got it back a few days later. If you have this same issue, I really recommend opening a ticket, they will work with you to help you as much as they can. If not in the US, they will guide you on who to contact if you need to send your mod for repairs. Best luck!
  2. Lost Vape Therion 166 DNA 167 Box Mod - Check Battery error Getting the same error. Tried new batteries and nothing. I changed the settings of the Battery to "Power Supply", when doing so, and disconnecting the appliance from power source, the vape puffs as usual, the only difference is I do not see the battery percentage and batteries do not charge (I can change the battery percentage from Diagnostics, just will just be a esthetic change). Set it back to Lithium Polymer, 2 cells, and again, "Check Battery" error. Do not want to use it set to "power supply" as I am not sure if it will be dangerous, if it will harm the batteries, appliance, etc. Opened a Ticker already, but had no response yet. If anyone has any ideas, I am welcome to hear them. I will let you know If I find something new.