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  1. Unfortunately I solved by buying a new box with YiHi circuit Thanks buddy, can you please give me the link to start the procedure?
  2. Hi guys, This is my first post, i write from Italy. Since last night my electronic cigarette stopped working unexpectedly. I did not do anything special, but suddenly it started to show "Check Battery", I changed the batteries but nothing. Now the e-cig only turns on if connected to the USB and if I press fire it always says "Check Battery". Without USB as soon as you leave the fire button goes out. I used escribe to try to understand something and it seems as if the batteries are not properly recognized. In "Device Monitor" with fully charged batteries I see that I am marking a cell at 5.2 Volts and the other at 0 Volts. I tried to restart it several times, to reload the firmware, to set 3 cells, 2 cells but nothing. The only thing that works is to set the battery as "Power Supply" but in this way (in addition to all the danger warnings) nothing works besides the fire .... Do you have any idea how I could do to resolve the situation? Taking care not to discharge the cells beyond a certain voltage, are there any real risks using "Power Supply"? Thanks so much, Daniele.