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    Rebel or Lost Vape?

    Hope I'm not too late to react on this? But whatever your choice, don't go with Rebel. Myself and many others (dig around the internet a bit) have had the worst experience with them. Not only are their mods poorly made, their aftersales customer service is absolute sh*t! I bought 2 mods from them. Had a ton of issues with them lying to me about sending it out and making promises they didn't keep. Upon reception of the first mod I immediately noticed the battery door being very loose and having a big gap and the 510 was crooked, so all rta/rda's were leaning left. I complained, they asked me to ship it back(on their expense) and promised me a new device with absolutely 0 issues and perfect fit and finish. Because they were very responsive to my complaint and made no issues about sending me a new mod in pristine condition, i decided to place my 2nd order. I asked them to let me know what colors were in stock, so delivery wouldn't be 4 weeks like the 1st time. Again they agreed and told me which colors would be easy to ship fast, so i went ahead and purchased the mod. In the mean time i sent back the first mod. They notified me about receiving the mod and having fixed both issues instead of replacing the device. Which was OK for me, as long as i got what I paid for, a mod without issues. They shipped the mod back to me, and a day later shipped my other mod as well. I receive the first mod, they only fixed the 510. Battery door still doesn't fit. It's loose and I can move it several mm's each way, so every time I hold it it moves constantly. A day later I receive my 2nd mod which had issues with the fire button and finish. The button was (and still is) so tight it got stuck from time to time. It's a warped print, the button is more oval than round, so it touches the cutout. On top of that the edges of the battery door stick out a mm on each side, so the door on this mod doesn't fit either! I complained again about both mods, they never responded to me. I ended up filing for 2 paypal claims, after trying to contact them by email, faceboof, whatsapp, etc. I think they made a deal with PayPal as I got a full refund (asked for 70%) on the first mod and nothing on the 2nd mod. Also all their mods are listed as "in stock" on their site, but they aren't. Granted, it is in the small print in the description, but don't list it "in stock" to fool people into thinking they will receive their mod in a few days, not 4 weeks. If it takes 4 weeks, it's not in stock. My opinion, avoid Rebel by all means! They lie, don't do quality checks, they modify ratings people give on their website (add stars, dele negative parts in reviews and only leave in the positive part), etc. If I pay 250$ for a mod, I have certain expectations. I can accept small fitment issues with 3D printing, but these weren't small issues and they promised to fix everything but never did. They actually admitted to all the issues not being to spec when I sent them the pictures. Save yourself a lot of trouble and look elsewhere. When communicating with them, I would get a response from someone else every single time. Scott, John, Carl, Maria, ... They make it seem like it's a huge operation, which it isn't. Wouldn't surprise me if it's simply the owner using different names all the time to give you the impression of them being a larger company. For now my experience with Ginger Vaper is a lot better, allthough the mods are quite a bit more expensive. I ordered a dual 21700 250c, which was listed as "in stock" on their website. Asked them to let me know when it would ship out, they immediately replied and told me it would ship the same day. It did and I was using it 3 days later (US to EU). Perfect fit on all doors, buttons, no rattles, etc. best mod I own. If they weren't all the way in the US, I would buy more from them. Customs fees, import taxes, and shipping make it pretty expensive. I've read a lot of shit about Boxer as well, but love 3D printed mods, so decided to take the plunge and happy I did. Hope a 2nd purchase will be just as good.
    Tried it on one device, and updated all 4 my DNA boxes to this theme half an hour later. It's got everything available on the mod. There's a lot of info on the screen, but it's displayed in a way that's not confusing me or makes me get lost, which happened with a few other themes that try to do the same thing. Everything works as is to be expected. My only remark (and it's something i can fix myself actually and it's totally subjective) is 3 of my 4 DNA boxes are 3D printed boxes. One of them has a screen that's installed just slightly crooked in the mod. This theme makes that very clear due to the white edge that's present on the screens. But as i said, it's something i can probably fix in theme designer myself. It's just the outside edge i'll probably delete. That's not really a shortcoming because of the theme, but a flaw of the mod and error by the modder. But this theme brings it out a lot more than other themes. I've always known it was crooked, but it just shows more with this theme. Not sure yet if I end up changing the theme in theme designer or to open up the actual mod to see if i can install the chip/screen straight. So super subjective con and very personal. Truly is a great theme. Best i've used. Great work Mr. Bottomfeeder!