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  1. BSilvasy

    Operator v

    Version 1.0.


    Hello, This Theme was created to be a complete theme for any DNA device you may have. It is simple, clean, and was originally created to be a general use alternative to the stock Galeon Theme provided by Vaporshark. Included above are several Theme Sets for Galeon, and General Evolv Chipset Mods. Below is the Asset Pack, Containing all Screens, Both Large and Small, Welcome Plates, and Profile Screens. Also Included is a Readme, documenting all current features. Thank you for the download. Operator v1.0+ DNA 250 - Galeon Theme.7z
  2. BSilvasy

    Good For Health v

    Version 1.0+


    Hello. I created another simple theme, This time to pay respect to Katsushiro Otomo for Akira. Included above is the Standard Theme, Below is a 7z Archive full of additional assets as well as a readme. Have Fun, and Thank You for the download. ***********EDIT, THIS IS FOR DNA75/200/250************ Sorry for the wrong section Good For Health v1.0+ DNA250 Theme.7z
  3. BSilvasy

    #Blessed v

    Version 1.0+


    I created this theme in honor of Hotline Miami from Dennaton/Devolver Digital, Two theme files are attached for ease of use. Below, I have the full folder and asset pack available. Hope You Enjoy it! #Blessed v1.0+.7z