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  1. Bill Stafford

    paranormal 250c update error

    Hi James, It's very random, but usually not when it has gone into deep sleep, can be maybe after half an hour, I've been trying to work out what I maybe doing, I don't change Atty's or tanks very often, yesterday it did it twice, after the second time I removed the batteries and replaced, hasn't done it since, morning here in Australia and I just woke it up this morning, no problem, White screen with red letters when it happens - Cheers Bill
  2. Bill Stafford

    paranormal 250c update error

    Well this saves me starting a new thread 😀 I also took the new service pack and have been getting the same error message, "Error - push up button" but mine works OK still, Should I just leave it ? is there another fix, or just go back to the old service pack
  3. Bill Stafford

    Paranormal dna250c ( weird line on my screen)

    Looks like normal separation lines to me , That's the only line I see. Edit : Oh ok maybe I do see a faint line through the Cancel , Don't know mate, Sorry
  4. Bill Stafford

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    I have the same problem with my Paranormal 250c as well, Works great with any RDA with SS wire, As soon as I put my isub vortex on with SS coil it has no power, Same tank goes excellent on Replay ? , As with the others only on Temp Control
  5. Bill Stafford

    Connecting to Escribe

    Good thinking, Will do, thanks again for your help
  6. Bill Stafford

    Connecting to Escribe

    Appreciated mate, You answered what I wanted, I was worried that escribe may erase all the files once connected " clear the chip " I wanted to have a look with my device connected without having a major drama, Don't need that at my age, Thanks again for your reply to my question, I don't have a problem and was just curious, Maybe change the theme in the future once I get the courage, Oh and thanks for the links - Cheers Bill
  7. Bill Stafford

    Connecting to Escribe

    Noob question, Do you have to have the 250c powered on when connecting to Escribe ? And does it clear the chip straight away
  8. Bill Stafford

    Puff Info?

    Thanks for the quick reply, Will check out both links, And I guess there are plenty for connecting to Escribe in the future, Only entered the Evolv world yesterday
  9. Bill Stafford

    Puff Info?

    Just purchased a Lost Vape Paranormal 250c , Is there anything I have to do with the Puff Info or just forget it, Like reset, Or does it just keep running, Can any one point me to a good Operational Tutorial on the 250c , And I haven't even looked at Escribe yet ! . Thanks, First post 😉