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  1. formula 1


    love the design and the colour combo to this theme , welldone would this work on the dna250C
  2. formula 1

    Blue Trinity

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the Blue version of Trinity , all features present as before in the previous version let me know if you spot any mistakes - added new pages and corrected a few mistakes on both themes now Thanks if you use it let me know and give me some love 😍
  3. formula 1

    Good Fonts ?

    similar 🤔
  4. formula 1

    Dark Trinity

    Version 1.0.0


    Tried to cram as much stuff and info as i could possibly could in this theme , even had room for a 3rd wallpaper but i decided to remove it so people could use it on the DNA 75C as well as the DNA 250C , there might be a few mistakes here and there but fingers crossed i haven't come across any yet only time will tell. if you use it let me know and give me some love 😍
  5. formula 1

    Good Fonts ?

    Thanks Wayneo , i will have to trawl a few font sites and see what comes up but i think you're right with the sans and serif they seem to be the ones best suited for smaller text , i took this photo from the new Drone 250C do you know what font they are using because it looks so clean or its photo shopped
  6. formula 1

    Good Fonts ?

    Struggling to find new fonts that will sit well with the DNA250C , wish they would double the screen size some damn hard to read a man of my years .. lol so does anyone know of any fonts ?
  7. formula 1

    Deleting Themes from the forum ?

    Thank you Wayneo
  8. Once sombody uploads a theme to the forum is it there forever or can you take it down remove and delete the file you uploaded - i saw the hide option but i wasnt sure if it just hides the theme from me and not the forum
  9. formula 1

    Custom Theme Creating - default picture

    it seems the selected highlight is only visible when its a semi transparent icon or picture , if you have a solid icon it does not appear to the eye so that means the overlay is behind the icon - can this be changed ? so selected highlight is on top off the icon
  10. Hello in the middle of creating a theme for the 250C , but when i select picture from the left hand menu in theme designer it places the evolve logo 32x32 , when i want to replace this picture with a icon i have created it does not highlight anymore on the screen yet does highlight with the default picture as shown below any ideas ?
  11. formula 1

    Main Menu V2

    Version 1.0.1


    Decided to update the Main Menu theme , a bit more simple and mainly changes to the wallpapers bigger logo n the lock screen and highlights on the main screen , kept both files though so you can choose which to download , i kinda like this one myself