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  1. formula 1

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    Reviving an old thread but i suffered the same problem with error up message every time i uploaded a theme or firmware to my device but everything worked as it should even though it displayed error up message , the device in question is a vapecige VT250C i now have 2 of them one gives this error up message the other one doesn't , i read this thread and tried Wayneo's solution as my lock screen hadn't got anything assigned to it so i assigned round robin and it fixed the problem of the error up message
  2. formula 1

    What mean?

    Warmth of replay - numbered 1 to 11 like how boost interacts with non temperature controlled coils
  3. formula 1

    TT DNA

    Version 1.0.0


    TT Theme DNA a theme to end all themes it will be my last for the theme which i will uploaded in various forms of branding first pic is to check that the font size has transferred to theme , if not alter font sizes accordingly , 2nd pic if your default profile names are too big to fit in the screen space then you must change the names of the profiles you have through escribe and not theme builder to shorter names until they fit and upload the changed profile settings to device and not reload the theme again you shouldn't need to as your only changing the profile names. on to the theme no background pics , not enough memory to add any and black background is the way it is , so if you want fancy shit over quality choose fancy shit - the theme comes with 2 colour options white or green accessed by the toggle switch live on the device. mains screen image , big clear wattage and temp numbers at the top of the screen you will have chosen profile name and then below battery bar and then below that voltage amps and battery percentage readouts - moving on past the big number you have ohms , click this it will read ohms again and also update while firing giving you live ohms read out , to the right is locking icon click this to lock coils to ohms ideally used in temp control or replay with temp sensing coils , below that is a puff count - click this readout will take you to puff stats page - and back to the mainscreen we go to 3 icons a bulb icon changes colour of the theme from white to green , moving to the middle icon will take you to settings page where everything can be accessed in the theme - lastly the temp icon will directly take you to preheat options page where you will find something abit unique - whichever coil you are using the arrow at the top of the preheat page will indicate which option is available to that coil , example is boost - punch or warmth the arrow will indicate which mode it is in and further down numbered 1 to 10 will change is values of either boost or punch and below that warmth is used for replay mode - when using temp sensing coils the wattage and the temp values can be changed then you will be in punch mode - i hope i have explained well enough to get an idea how it works.. but please read this throughout and try to follow instructions.
  4. formula 1

    learning how to create a personal theme

    Best way to learn is understand the original default themeworks , learning what each setting does familiarize yourself with how the menu works and the settings in escribe where your profiles are located , then download another theme whichever you like and make small changes like wallpaper or the way the layout is positioned make small changes - then understand how the theme is configured looking at how each setting is configured and how to replicate it , it takes time and with time each theme you make will become better with time
  5. formula 1


    haven't we all put 100's of man hours in creating themes , i know lets all put a donation tab on our themes it seems the way forward lets have the rest of the community now pay us for our time - hours worked on themes - nobody forced you to join the forum or do a theme and yes by all means start a thread will be interesting
  6. formula 1


    sticking a paypal donation link onto your theme is in bad taste a lot of guys work hard making themes for free and to improve and help the community in general who like to create and share with others , people have free will to donate or not donate that is entirely upto them to do so , but youre doing it off the back of theming - that i do not agree with
  7. formula 1

    Clicks to unlock and lock device

    thanks just clearing things up i need to add something on my theme
  8. need some feedback on your DNA devices - so appreciate it - how many clicks to unlock your device ? the default is 5 clicks to unlock and this cannot be changed in therme or escribe - am i correct so unlocking the device will always be 5 clicks and if you change clicks on the device its to lock only it will not affect the unlock sequence of 5 clicks because this is a default and cant be changed in theme or escribe and also let me know if your using INT version of escribe or US version and what service pack if you can alter unlock sequence either in escribe or theme itself
  9. formula 1


    no problem , my themes and other users themes are available in the download section here alternatively if you want my themes you just need to click on my profile and look for uploaded files.
  10. formula 1


    you can do that if you wish but make sure you backup your original settings , i suppose its one way to get a round pre determined setting for your particular needs
  11. formula 1


    on my theme or where it has the profile tab on top , here in the photo its called profile one where on the device it may say watts , SS316 or replay etc - to select this tab is what you do when altering wattage , you navigate the menu by the 3 buttons or two buttons on your device and the 2 outer buttons act as up and down and the middle is to select or highlight that particular setting as you would do for changing watts and once select you use the outer button again to change values or cycle the profiles
  12. formula 1


    you can go into escribe and preset the profile setting wattage and pre heat and replay on all other features that the material you choose can start off with like a basic level you cant start from like setting the watts to 50 or 60 and preheat options to a required level before altering them on the device , that's as much as a preset you can do - changing materials or swapping tanks will always trigger the new coil detected which you have to set - as the photograph shows where to alter the default levels
  13. formula 1

    Conditional Automatic Toggle

    cant remember off the top of my head if the standard default theme has those options or toggles , but two of my themes i have uploaded just recently have, the green skulled vaporizer themes and chameleon download them take a look how the toggles are configured and add them to the default or a theme of your choosing through theme builder , basically when you get the hang of theme builder you can more or less add what you like so long as the options are available in the drop down menus and you just edit and add to your chosen theme as you with the picture under "DEVICE" page it has keep screen on and brightness options which in this theme is called SCREEN
  14. formula 1

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    your drone looks different to mine its not as see through as yours at the top did you buy it new ? mine is relatively see through but has a plate underneath this bit you show
  15. formula 1

    Lost Vape Drone 250C issues.

    no problem with my drone , i would say you've got a dodgy one , apart from the design flaws its the best squonker on the market if you can overlook the flimsy battery door and be aware of it , the fiddly replacement of the squonk bottle can be difficult to easily place in and out but i use the ceramic tweezers and takes a couple of seconds apart from that looks lovely in ultem and silver takes dual 18650 and has a DNA chip and fits a 30mm rda or rta with ease no many squonkers can boast that