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  1. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Mode gone after Update?

    space Coils works but not Micro Coils life before Its ok.
  2. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Mode gone after Update?

    Yes np before on all Atomizers Dual and Single
  3. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Mode gone after Update?

    Just Unlock Escribe, use " unlikely Coils ". Now it should be compatible but it doesnt...
  4. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Mode gone after Update?

    Dual Coils on Kan/A1. My Reload RTA / Corona V8 didnt get Replay after 100 puffs
  5. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Mode gone after Update?

    Hi Mates, I notice , PK Mode gone after 2.0 Update or just change in the other Folder?
  6. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Modus

    Ok now i deactivate on my Own Profile Replay Modes and "Operate in PK Mode". "Allow on unlike Coils" are still activated. All Coils A1 / Ni80 works now too on Replay. So i dont need to Activated "Operate in PK Mode" ?
  7. Nyudeluxe

    Pk Modus

    Hi Mates, I acativate already the Pk Mode.I renamed SS430 profile to" Replay PK" and changed this options like DNA Papst on youtube . I notice after Change, Ni80 / Kan A1 working on standard Replay Profile now too but i didnt used "Operate in PK Mode" on Replay Profile. Whats going on?
  8. Nyudeluxe

    Paranormal DNA 250C Newbie Thread

    Hi Mates, got already 2 Paranormals 250c. Pearl Fish and Grey Kevlar. The LED Show's Yellow On the Pearl Fish one and is always on in the Menue or.... By Vaping change it to Purple. The LED on The Kevlar one is off and its only on by pressing Fire Button. show's Purple too. Why the hell is my LED on the Kevlar one Off?
  9. Hi mates, Some stores are selling in Eu already Paranormal's 250c. On China they are all on Preorder for end April/May. This current Mod's on the Stores are Retail Version or...?