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  1. dasa2337

    cracked screen ?

    Just to follow up. The Evolv guys are amazing have agreed to RMA. Just waiting on a new mod and determining if UPS is actually open before sending. Thanks all for the insight
  2. dasa2337

    cracked screen ?

    @DangerBass Thanks for your reply. Yea liquid didn’t sound right to me either but know the screen isn’t cracked (been there done that). Just submitted a ticket, likely RMA which they are, luckily, amazing bout
  3. dasa2337

    cracked screen ?

    Just ran into the same issue.... any way to clear the liquid if that is the issue or is it simply screen must be replaced? Any/all info appreciated
  4. Thank you. Greatly appreciated.
  5. Sorry if this question has been answered previously but given my newness to escribe/dna and concerns regarding battery safety just trying to get confirmation that the only way to set proper battery curves on the latest version of eScribe (other than running the battery analyzer) is to upload CSV files. Have searched the forms, YT, reddit etc... and given that there is no Watt Hr calculator that would seem to be the case. If true and someone could point me to CSVs for the following it would be greatly appreciated. 2x Samsung 30Qs 2x Sony VTC5As 2x Samsung 25Rs
  6. dasa2337

    Rebel Vape 250c Cracked Screen

    Nope they ship worldwide. It's not cheap but well worth it. Though I heard some horror stories it only took 5 days from the time they shipped.
  7. So after having my Rebel 250c for no more than 48hrs I managed to crack the LCD. I’m gutted as the mod is amazing so wanted to repair it/get it repaired. Anyone have experience with Rebel/eSauce and know how long this would take/how much? Alternately, does anyone know how to switch screens on a Rebel mod? Thanks in advance!
  8. dasa2337

    Please share websites to buy or preorder 250c

    The Rebel 2x 18650 is now up for pre-order. They’re project release in early to mid-may. Didn’t wanted to get stuck in a long que so had to pull the trigger... now the wait begins https://www.esauce.co.uk/rebel-mod/evolv-dna-rebel-mods/the-rebel-mod-200w-2-x-18650-evolv-dna-250c-coming-march-rebel044c-rebel-vape
  9. dasa2337

    Please share websites to buy or preorder 250c

    Yup, it was supposed to be released in March (check out the URL) and their FAQ actually said late march but believe they've had some issue getting their hands on the chip... best guess late April... that being said as soon as it's available I'll be buying... just take my money already
  10. dasa2337

    Please share websites to buy or preorder 250c

    https://www.esauce.co.uk/rebel-mod/evolv-dna-rebel-mods/the-rebel-mod-200w-2-x-18650-evolv-dna-250c-coming-march-rebel044c-rebel-vape have been waiting on this since I saw it a few weeks ago... no release or pre-order date as of yet
  11. @mactavish it’s posted on first page of this thread
  12. New here so if I'm posting in the wrong place apologies. Planning on pulling the trigger on a 250c device (likely from Rebel) once available and wanted to see if there was a projected date that eScribe for Mac would be updated to support. Again, apologies if this is the wrong place but any info would be greatly appreciated.