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  1. I can’t seem to get my Therion 133 dna 200 to ask me if I have attached a new atomizer. Using 316L coils. Is there a certain sequence to selecting coil profiles and attaching?
  2. Sorry for the newb questions of late but I just bought this dna 200 device and I am completely fascinated with it. I’m using regular pre made drop in Kanthal coils at the moment ( can’t wait to get into TC ) but I was wondering if there is any benefit or in what situations would I change these settings from the default values. General/Power: Kanthal power limit Preheat power Preheat punch Hoping to learn
  3. I have a Therion 133 dna 200. Should I be using a battery other than the Samsung/Sony 18650’s I am currently using? lithium polymer batteries? Sorry, a bit confused..
  4. I just bought my first DNA 200 mod. ( Lostvape 133 ) and I would like to use one brand of battery exclusively ( Sony for example ) I was wondering if it would be worth changing the battery settings in the mod section to numbers more dialed in to the spec of my battery. Or should I just leave it as is
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