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  1. Depends if you have a Rev4a or Rev4b Billet box. 'a' is small screen, 'b' is large screen - so either DNA40 large screen or DNA60 will fit I'm in the process of deciding if a should put a DNA60 with small screen into a Rev4a - so theoretically DNA40 small screen or DNA60 + small screen can fit in Rev4a
  2. I just resurrected a small screen Billet Box. It seems to be discharging batteries when idle. Something like 25% in 8 hours. I realise the board is getting a bit old, is this just some I should accept, or is there another culprit I should investigate? Thinking replacement, anyone have any experience of DNA60 + small screen? They show as being available for order - with 8 week lead time.
  3. Working like a charm here. Xubuntu 16.04 LTS. Prompts for libraries and USB permissions all worked well. Installation was quicker than swapping keyboard and mouse onto a windows box