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  1. leosedf

    DNA 200 Fuse blown

    Well..... I found it. replaced the two mosfets on the battery side and now it works fine as before. Didn't even had to buy mosfets since i had the other 2 crap units. Thank's for the huge support.
  2. leosedf

    DNA 200 Fuse blown

    Third board with the same fault, replaced fuse, now warranty service error.
  3. leosedf

    DNA 200 Fuse blown

    Hello! I was using my dna and suddenly it simply stopped working, the fuse and board were fine. I decided to replace the board on Thursday which i did, The second board blew the fuse, after the fuse i can see a short to ground so i removed all the mosfets, then i removed the 1μH inductor (which is actually damaged) and then the diodes, and it's still it's SHORTED!!! Anyone has an idea before i get my hammer and make it more compact? Is it the board? The second board had only a few days of light use (i don't actually use the full potential of the board) and there were no special conditions, it just popped the fuse while standing by. Any ideas are appreciated. A few pics https://i.imgur.com/NReDwXp.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Bqwhk8B.jpg Regards