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  1. I have a problem on Debian, it loads the program but after I plug the mod in and it gets to 100% it just crashes and shuts the program down.
  2. gvape

    Unlocking bug?

    The DNA 75 feels less sensitive to key presses IMO, the 75c seems to store the press (lock/unlock) for too long. For example, five slow key presses will unlock the 75c, but you need more defined quick ones with the 75, it feels better I think,
  3. gvape

    Unlocking bug?

    default, reset device
  4. gvape

    Unlocking bug?

    From a reset device on the unlock screen if you hold the fire button and press any other button four times it unlocks, same with locking. Also: When unlocked, quick press any fuction button at the same time as the fire button twice, and it locks. Its like its detecting the function buttons as the fire button if you quick press them while pressing the fire button.. Is this the correct behaviour?
  5. I had to register just to comment specifically on this work. This Linux version works perfectly on Debian (Testing) . Thank you for all your hard work. Many many thanks!