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  1. If anyone has the internal resistance and thermal info also that would be very nice!!!
  2. Hello, I have always wanted a DNA device and yesterday stumbled upon a Triade 200 at a new to me vape shop. I managed to get a good price on it and am in the process of setting it up for optimal performance now. I downloaded escribe, updated to the latest firmware, and setup my current 3 battery config (x3 LGHE4's @ 2500mAh, 10.8 nominal V). I also have a set of x3 LG HG2's @ 3000mAh, 10.8 nominal V saved as a CSV. Do I have to log into escribe every time I swap these battery packs for charging? They aren't largely different, but the increased mAh of the HG2's I would like to take advantage of. Also, I am currently running Wattage Mode as my current tank (Smok TFV8) does not have a TC coil to use with it. I am working on finding a good tank with TC coils I can use, but have not started searching for this yet. With that said, are there any Wattage Mode settings that I should adjust? So far, I'm loving the mod. The power output is significantly more consistent than any other mod I've used before and I find that I can run at a much lower Wattage setting (used to run around 60W @ 0.2Ohms, now at about 45W @ 0.2Ohms). Any advice is appreciated!
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