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  1. so what's an appropriate voltage cutoff for this cell?
  2. Ok. problem identified and fixed! I took apart the mod to check for physical faults and sure enough I found one. on my vt inbox there is room behind the negative contact. I don't know if theres supposed to be a piece of plastic behind it to hold it in place or if its supposed to be glued but mine is floating free with nothing but pressure holding it in place. when I used an orbtronic battery (long) it caused the negative contact to slide toward the back wall of the mod causing terrible if any contact with the battery. I quickly repositioned said negative contact, put in a sony bat and IT'S ALIVE! I hope this helps anyone encountering the same problems
  3. hey all. I'm hoping someone has some insight as to why my mod is misbehaving. Ive been using my spiffy new vtinbox for about four days. ive messed with some themes and steam engine csv.'s but I'm still fairly new to the DNA community. So- I took a few puffs this morning and then swapped batteries. With the new fully charged bat I was about to take a few more pulls before getting my kids breakfast. unfortunately the mod wont turn on. I tried several different fully charged bats as well as the dead bat i'd hit earlier. Now, I can get it to turn on when its connected to usb but when I hit the fire button it shuts down and shows the welcome screen again. When in device monitoring (not firing) I see the voltage readout jump between 4.2 and 3.8V. does anyone have any suggestions?
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