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  1. randy mc

    Thermal case analyzer

    Just trying to dial it in a little better. However I shall take your advice and not use the 75 thermals. Thanks Retird.
  2. randy mc

    Thermal case analyzer

    I have a vt inbox 75, do you think it would be ok to plug those case analyzer numbers into the esquare 60? they are almost the same size.
  3. randy mc

    Thermal case analyzer

    Hi, does anyone know how to run the case analyzer on the dna 60? I dont see it under the battery section and under thermal section its just the stock read outs?
  4. randy mc


    yes after waiting 45mins it was much closer to the res i expected, thank for your replys
  5. randy mc


    Yes profiles for ss316 are the same on all 3 devices, its the stock one from evolve. I checked to make sure. Ohms are not locked. The only thing I can think is maybe not a cold ohm initial reading? dam if I know. Ill give it a solid 30 mins before I fire it again and ill get back to you.
  6. randy mc


    Its the dna 60 esquare. Yes I made sure to check again thats its F and not C. Its just weird that I can get a decent vape on 230f off the same atty and build that my other dnas need 430f to get the same vape. I check internal resistance and its stock .003 The thermal is also stock but I cant imagine that would make it 200f less than my other dnas which are also stock settings. I mean technically its a good vape but just 200f less than my others using same atty and same build...I cant figure it out.
  7. randy mc


    Hello, I just purchased an E-square. My question is its reading the ohms a bit high compared to my triade 250 and paranormal 75. My triade and paranormal read this atty at .92 to .94 respectively and i can TC at 430f. However my E-square reads the same atty 1.15 and wont go over 230f, I feel like somethings wrong? I mean if i set the TC at 230 it will reach it and go into temp protect mode but if i set it at like 240 it will never reach that temp. Is this too low to vape at? I mean the vape is surprisingly good a bit warm and plenty of vapor but why is the temp so low like 230f when my other 2 dnas will reach 430f with the same atty?
  8. randy mc

    Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75c

    Hello, yes i use 2 vtc6 and the battery life is great
  9. randy mc

    Paranormal parallel batteries

    thanks again retird...you are johnny on the spot
  10. randy mc

    info icon on paranormal

    thank you giz...i just finally wiped the profile from djlsb and reloaded it...seems to working now, not sure what happened the first time
  11. I was wondering since the paranormal is 2 parallel 18650s do i set the battery profile for 2 vtc6s or just 1 vtc6? by the way im using vtc6s edit after rereading my post this sounds a bit confusing....what i mean is do i download the cvs for 2 vtc6 batteries or do i download the cvs for 1 vtc6 battery....im trying to customize my battery curve, and i was a bit confused as to which custom curve to use for 1 battery or 2 batteries since they are in parallel
  12. randy mc

    info icon on paranormal

    its the little i on the bottom left of the right-hand side screen. Its suppose to get me into like puff counter and last puff diagnostics etc. but my highlight indicator just skips right over it like its not there
  13. randy mc

    info icon on paranormal

    hello i just noticed that i cannot click on my info icon( the little i on the bottom left of the screen). When i try to select it it just skips over it and doesnt even click on it. Does anyone know how to fix this? TIA
  14. randy mc

    Lost Vape Paranormal wrong resistance

    Hello! yes your best bet is contacting Evolve, they will respond or taking it back to where you bought it for exchange. Hope you get it sorted. It really is a nice device once its working properly