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  1. Tugnick

    Evolv DNA 250 Set

    Yep, this is a set for regulated Tugboat DNA 250w whit no "C" color, enjoy
  2. Tugnick

    Evolv DNA 250 Set

    Version 1.0.0


    General escribe goodies. Case's Thermal balanced Check out, lipo Discharge Graph on soft Cutoff too! Long life, Puff oriented. Have fun
  3. Version 2.0.1


    Have fun!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    My active theme in my Flawless Tugboat
  5. Fast update, From last warranty check, my dealer specialist found the screen broke and they refund me with a new one, so thanks a lot for your support and for now i think for seniors you can close, Thanks Folks
  6. Well, since the warranty expires in a week, if I can not do that, then I'll do as you say and in case I'm still asking if there is something I do not understand. Ty
  7. Sure you're right, it was only if I could do something myself, to avoid being without the box for some time, because the problem is serious then I don't see any other solutions that ship under warranty. Thank you so much for your important advice
  8. And by perfect newbie, as you advise me to do to resolve this problem, can I venture into a possible DIY solution or should I send it in warranty?
  9. Yes, its starts yesterday I bought a month ago the box and worked perfectly Two week ago i do last firmware update
  10. Hello, even configured 100% all brightness settings, the screen light seems very darkly no matter what i do, only way to see 100% like i set it is random when press fire. Every suggestion will appreciate, Ty.