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  1. I recently converted my Coilmaster 521 TAB to a DNA75C board. I'm using a horizontal layout theme which works well but was wondering if anyone knows of or has created a theme specifically for an OHM reader/coil tester? Any input is appreciated!
  2. I know this is an older post but I'm planning to put a USB port on my SXK DNA60 BB. Would you happen to have any advice or guidance on getting a USB board to fit in there? I have an Evolv 1A charge board and know how to wire it just need a little info on milling out the box and physical placement of the board. Not sure I would ever use the USB to charge but would like to have it for Escribe. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for those profiles...My battery indicator now seems to be spot on on my bastardized Solara DNA30....DNA60! Loving the 20700 battery. I went from about 350 puffs on a HG2 to over 500 on the NCR20700...Real scientific huh? Real world test lets call it. Thanks again!
  4. Well thank you for the information. The files are just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I do not have the resistors or the set up to do the battery analyzer utility. Let's see if it makes a difference. I'll set the mod to the default thermal settings for the DNA60 chip. I made a short attomizer out of one of my RDAs with solid copper 12 gauge to run the mod resistance and come out with .011, I did also test it on my VT75 Nano and I get exactly the same, .011 Does that seem like an accurate range for resistance? I have another old atty at home I can junk so I may just put a shorting copper pin in there and aluminum solder it for a better test plug. The Solara was completely re-wired with 18 gauge silicone. Evolv recommends 16 gauge for the output to the 510, however there is not enough room to solder the wires in the 510 and there is no way to get 16 gauge into the DNA60 board. Those runs are only at most 1.5" long so I'm not too concerned with the wire getting too heated and burning.
  5. Hey all, I picked up an old Solara DNA30 and suspect issue was a bad board...and it was bad. I worked on it a little and installed a DNA60 Small Screen board with slight modifications and it works wonderfully. The original Solard DNA30 came with two tiny 902360 Lipo cells totaling 2600mAh. These were also on their way out and I don't think they would have put out enough power for the DNA60 board so I installed a single 20700 which gives me great vaping time and power. I am now fine tuning it and playing more with Escribe and becoming fluent....slowly. I want to set up the thermals for this mod however when I plug in my Solara DNA60 (Firmware 1.2 SP3) I can not run the case thermals in Escribe (V2.0 SP5.2) like I can on my DNA75...75C...200...250, the option (button) just disappears. I am also looking to see if there is a battery .csv for a Panasonic NCR20700B battery I believe rated at 4250mAh from the manufacture. Currently I'm running it as a 18650 HG2 and it performs well but want to see what the correct battery profile will do. I do know that the battery shows empty on the screen at about 30% Thanks in advance for helping out a new vaper! Mike