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    Replay inaccurate

    Hi, just to weigh in with my understanding of replay. And to be clear I have not checked the puff info. When you save a puff with replay, the board will try to duplicate that puff by heating the coil to the same temp. If you save a puff and immediately take another puff, then the coil is still 'warm' from the saved puff, so it doesn't have to apply the same wattage to get the coil up to temp. From what Brandon said on his interview with the Vaping Biker replay attempts to mimic the saved puff based on coil temp, board temp and a host of other variables that the board has sensors for. So if you save a puff at 75w and put the mod in the freezer for half an hour it should use the full 75w or more to get the coil to temp and recreate the puff you saved. Conversely if you left it in the sun for a while, the coil may be warmer than when you saved the puff and it may only need 50 - 60 w to get the desired puff. So in short, and maybe I should have started with this, Replay isn't about replicating the exact wattage every time, but the overall characteristics of the puff hoping this help James p.s. It's working great for me with a single coil ss 316L alien p.p.s If anyone from evolv can comfirm if I got this halfway correct that'd be great p.p.p.s When is replay coming to the 75c evolv???????
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    Just a Quick very simple Babylon 5 theme I threw together this morning. I will update it as I add more features enjoy jimmyN