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    SteamPunk Theme

    a little small for those of us with bad eyes but can't be helped .. but great theme over all
  2. flearider


  3. flearider

    lipo down to 1.33v

    so why did my dna 200 let the lipo go that low ?? all i get when button pressed is shorted but there is no short ?
  4. flearider

    help ...

    all is good in the world again .. new screen and a screen holder installed .. phew .. thx all
  5. flearider

    help ...

    it's 10 months old in an alu box .. battery is hard wired .. well it was it's apart atm .. ahh could be the brass stand offs need cleaning .. alls good will wait for the new screen and see whats what
  6. flearider

    help ...

    yeah just a screen .. using onboard buttons ... grounds ? theres only one ? .. or are the stand off's ground as well ?thx again
  7. flearider

    help ...

    well tried those .. and no go .. so unpluged the screen gave it a wipe put it back in and now those white lines are running across the screen .. so think it's knackered just ordered another from stealthvape uk .. it's one i built myself .may have caught it last month when i changed the 510 .. we live and learn .. well i'm hoping it's just the srceen no wat to test the buttons till the new one comes ..thx for the quick replies ..
  8. flearider

    help ...

    so vaping away with narda and get a weak vape ??so look at the screen and it's all corrupted white lines ?now the buttons dont work ? wont fire ..hooked it up to escribe and did test puff and it works .. but still buttons wont work ? any help ?
  9. flearider

    hard reset ?

    just to say it was .. new fat daddy installed .. must of had grounding issues ??
  10. flearider

    hard/reset blank ?

    is there a way to clear the dna200 blank it ? back to just the firmware ? get rid of all the other settings ?
  11. flearider

    hard reset ?

    yeah but the thing is it was fine yesterday .. and it's not just the serpent doing the same on the narda .. i've ordered another 510 to see if thats the problem .. lets hope it is .. grrr
  12. flearider

    hard reset ?

    the problem being i put a .27 ss build in my serpent slapped it on the dna 200 and i'm getting wisps of vapour ?? same go's with a .35 build and .78 build wtf is going on ..??but if i heat the coil slightly moving the build up to.30 from .27 bang it's working fine ? untill it resets itself to .27it's got me so frustrated today ..i've even tried 5 diffrent 316l csv's ?it's set at 420f with a boost of 30w for 1 sec and set for 28w air flow open all the way and i just get a wisp of vapor then temp control kicks in temp protected and nothing .. grrrr
  13. flearider

    hard reset ?

    is a hard reset suposed to blank/clear the device of all settings ? mine wont ?went thru tools hard and soft reset and there still there ? could it be that i hard wired the power to the board ?
  14. why do you want it to display room temp ?it would need an external probe for that ?and how do you mean last temp ? the last it was fired at ? or the last temp it reached ?
  15. flearider

    ss csv drifting ..?

    ok so heres my problem .I setup a 317ss build load the csv and all is good ..change attys say to ni and vape on .. now if I change back to ss it's like it can't quiet remember the profile it runs very hot . so I have to plug the mod in reload the csv and all's good again ..anyone else having same problem . ?btw running the beta software