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    Custom Coil Build

    lol yeah, i have yet to get a piece long enough to coil.... i get maybe 1 to 2 inches perfect in between screw ups...
  2. IllinoisPlumber

    Custom Coil Build

    Nice droopy, how many tries did it take you to get the alien right?
  3. IllinoisPlumber

    Titanium coils

    Is it normal for a ti coil to raise approx.1 ohm after break in? It seems that every coil i build will be rock solid for a day and then jump .1 ohm higher. After the jump it stays stable at that ohm and i have to adjust the temp and wattage to get the vape I like.... For example, i built a 28g parallel coil two days ago. 8 wraps at .18 ohm two days ago. vaped it all day at 55 watts 480f. Yesterday when I woke up it jumped to .28 ohm and i had to raise the watts to 85 and temp to 530f to get the same dense warm vape. Not getting any dry or burnt hits and has been rock solid since then. Anyone else have the same experience?
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    Thanks a bunch!
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    I'm building a wood mod and am having a hard time finding the dimensions for the faceplate. It is easy enough to get the button and usb placement dimensions from the data sheet but the screen is a different story. I tried loading up the reference case models but the last time I used a CAD program there was no such thing as 3d modeling... lol Is there anyway that one of you guys that have already made one could help me out here?