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  1. The pack has been sitting the mod plugged to the charger, the battery is currently at 98%.
  2. SUCCESS, the pack is now fully charged and balanced. After I removed the pack from the mod, it still would not balance charge on the external balance charger. What I did was discharge the pack to the storage voltage level (3.8) and started a balance charge again, that seems to have done the trick. Hope this helps someone else that has a similar issue.
  3. I will do an external balance charge and then see what the percentage on the DNA is. Thanks for all your help.
  4. no, cell 3 will be around 3.9 and others are 4.2. I would assume that the pack percentage would be higher than 70% at that point.
  5. No, it will not balance charge in the device. The best I get is 70% in the device.
  6. Also, I have balanced charged my lipo a few weeks back and still the percentage was not 100%. After the balance charge, all cells where at ~4.2.
  7. My CSV file is really close to yours. mine.csv
  8. I have a DNA250C with a Hyperion 2800mah and looks like the charge percentage is off. I have added an image from the Device Monitor screen for reference. Has anyone else had this issue and what could I do yo fix it?
  9. My battery is charger to 16.65v and the percentage is 85%. Like the DNA200 you can set the watt hours of the battery, but on the DNA250C you can not. Let me know if I am missing something.
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