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  1. So here is my issue, my new hcigar dna250 doesn't show a different screen when charging. I went into escribe (linux, actually, but I also tested in windows just to be sure it wasn't a bug with the beta software) and set the when charging screen on both power and temp control to show the incoming amps. The battery life indicator shows the lightning bolt on it, and it IS charging correctly, but the screens don't change to display the different information. Firmware on it should be the latest. Anyone else had this?
  2. Awesome!! I was definitely a Linux guy who was unhappy about having to use Windows to configure my fancy device Btw, I use Arch. And it seems to work great. I had to install the "mono" and "gtk-sharp-2" packages, and set Fractal's udev rule. So far it seems to work and display just fine, very cool. Thank you very much for porting this over!
  3. I fiddled around a bit and I found the escribe software works fine on ubuntu 16.04 using wine1.8 (from the ppa) -- except that it doesn't find the device. The menus and all that display just fine though. I think its basically a missing driver at this point since Linux doesn't know what the dna200 is, so a wine program wouldn't either. That said, it does work in Virtualbox alright, although the usb is super slow and it times out occasionally. If someone made a kernel driver for the dna200's (or 75, etc) I think it would probably be fine. It might not be too hard, as AFAIK its just a serial over usb type of thing.
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