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    For some reason I cant get Escribe to launch anymore on OS 10.13.6. Used to work just fine before. I just reinstalled SP15 and it starts to launch then immediately shuts down. Tried re code signing it, didn't help. Tried removing the quarantine attribute as well, still didn't help. Console is giving this whenever I launch it: Aug 15 13:38:45 SHIVA[1] ( Could not resolve origin of domain. XPC services in this domain's bundle will not be bootstrapped: error = 107: Malformed bundle, taint = missing executable Aug 15 13:38:45 SHIVA systemstats[49]: assertion failed: 17G65: systemstats + 914800 [D1E75C38-62CE-3D77-9ED3-5F6D38EF0676]: 0x40 The only way Ive been able to get it to run (which I did just now) is by going into the Package Contents and the Resources folder and running RunEScribeSuite using the sudo command with the Terminal. Is it just me or??? EDIT: Permissions issue I guess??? The apps owner was set to root/admin (R/W/X), group was wheel (R-X) and everyone had (R-X) as well. Just changed it to myself as the owner, and the group to admin and now it runs fine.