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  1. Monotremata

    Mac Suppport

    It would be if it was actually still up on the server.
  2. Monotremata

    Mac Suppport

    I honestly don't have any clue about it, I dont think anyone knew it existed until it was posted here. I started having issues way back with SP17 on my Mac with the app crashing when I tried to access do anything. I couldn't even backup the firmware before it crashed, and sending themes to it actually soft-bricked it once when it shut down in the middle of the transfer. I had resorted to using a virtual Windows machine on my Mac SP20 was posted way back. It basically let me use my DNA75 as it was again. Its too big to post here otherwise I would've earlier. I can post it somewhere as long as Evolv isn't gonna call the cops on me or anything hah. Im guessing they removed it for a reason but if its cool Ill put it up, I still have the installer.
  3. Monotremata

    Mac Suppport

    The last version that was posted just a few replies above, from Evolv's own downloads, was clearly the Mac version as plenty of us grabbed it and are/were using it.. Wonder why Evolv took it down?
  4. Monotremata

    Mac Suppport

    You mean, change the INT to US.. Its working for me again with SP20. It opened finally just to start. I haven't been able to do anything with it when it did work for quite awhile now. Loading a theme would crash it about 2 seconds later. Downloading the device settings took forever, and THEN it crashed. Just uploaded a theme to my 75C and Escribe is still open and waiting to go, everything seems to be working just fine once again.
  5. Monotremata

    Mac Suppport

    SP19 just bounces a few times for me, then crashes right away. No dialog box or anything but this is the console's output: Dec 19 11:04:04 Chriss-Mac-Pro[1] ( Unknown key for integer: _DirtyJetsamMemoryLimit Dec 19 11:04:15 Chriss-Mac-Pro mono-sgen64[7382]: DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: dispatch source activated with no event handler set; set a breakpoint on _dispatch_bug_deprecated to debug Dec 19 11:04:15 Chriss-Mac-Pro[1] ( Could not resolve origin of domain. XPC services in this domain's bundle will not be bootstrapped: error = 107: Malformed bundle, taint = missing executable Dec 19 11:04:15 Chriss-Mac-Pro[1] ( Unknown key for integer: _DirtyJetsamMemoryLimit This is a day old fresh install of Mojave on a 2010 Mac Pro.. I haven't been able to use Escribe at all since about SP17 and one of the High Sierra updates.. It opened fine, but backing up or sending a config to my HCigar DNA75C took FOREVER, and actually hung and soft-bricked my DNA a couple times. Opening up a theme in the Theme Editor, will almost immediately crash it as well. I had to install it under Win 10 on my Bootcamp partition to restore it when I bricked it while it was attempting to upload a theme. Windows worked just fine but no luck on the Mac for awhile now..
  6. Monotremata

    Mac Suppport

    For some reason I cant get Escribe to launch anymore on OS 10.13.6. Used to work just fine before. I just reinstalled SP15 and it starts to launch then immediately shuts down. Tried re code signing it, didn't help. Tried removing the quarantine attribute as well, still didn't help. Console is giving this whenever I launch it: Aug 15 13:38:45 SHIVA[1] ( Could not resolve origin of domain. XPC services in this domain's bundle will not be bootstrapped: error = 107: Malformed bundle, taint = missing executable Aug 15 13:38:45 SHIVA systemstats[49]: assertion failed: 17G65: systemstats + 914800 [D1E75C38-62CE-3D77-9ED3-5F6D38EF0676]: 0x40 The only way Ive been able to get it to run (which I did just now) is by going into the Package Contents and the Resources folder and running RunEScribeSuite using the sudo command with the Terminal. Is it just me or??? EDIT: Permissions issue I guess??? The apps owner was set to root/admin (R/W/X), group was wheel (R-X) and everyone had (R-X) as well. Just changed it to myself as the owner, and the group to admin and now it runs fine.