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  1. Got an old Lavabox M today. Going in to set everything up like I like it and doing thermals etc I found the mod resistance section was set to zero. I don't have anything around here to measure myself but thought surely it would be online somewhere since it was such a popular mod. Turns out that's not the case after searching here, ECF, reddit, etc. So I'm hoping someone here can share what the mod resistance is or at least what number it shipped with. Thanks!
  2. I keep getting this same pop-up and I'm not sure why. For reference its a 250c not 75c. Just moving over from the non-color series and got all my material settings and basically everything besides the theme set-up. All of this runs fine, saves fine, uploads fine, and also the mod works as it should. Its also the same battery curve I've been using for years on these batteries and the materials/profiles I've been using for years so there are no issues there. The only time I experience these issues is when I am working in Theme Designer. I make sure to go through a single entry at a time befor
  3. Okay, I'll definitely update if it happens again. It seems to have stopped again now so it could be fixed or it could just lulling me into a false since of security so it can thoroughly crush me again later on. Hopefully its what you said it was and I wont have to take the mod apart and look around. Its just so weird that it started doing it all of a sudden(especially starting off as check battery then escalating to imbalanced(or maybe that is the normal progression I'm not sure)) and then working fine off and on. Most everything I have read about battery issues its either it works or somethin
  4. I pulled the batteries but didn't rotate them. I didn't know if I should. They never have been before. I just took them out and gave them a good once over and they look fine. The wraps are good, and the contacts on the mod and the batteries all look good. I cleaned them with a little cloth anyway but they looked new. Wasn't sure if I should use something to clean them or not so I just wiped them down with the cloth with nothing on it. It didn't seem to do anything. Nothing came off on the cloth but like I said the contacts still look the same as I did when I got it. Since taking the batteries
  5. Lets get the specifics out of the way first. Reauleaux with LG HG2s Velocity RDA dual coil spaced Ti build 26g .24ohms 100w preheat punch@11 1s 90w So this started last night. I'd press the power button and nothing would happen so I tried it again looking at my screen. Sometimes it would just flash the welcome primary screen, sometimes it would flash the primary and secondary and then the check battery screens, and sometimes it would go straight from welcome primary to the check battery screen. My battery was almost fully charged. This happened several times in a row, then it would fire a
  6. Custom fire screen theme would be nice though I have to admit I don't usually look at the screen when I fire it.
  7. Is there somewhere that lists all the changes in each firmware update? What is the temperature-dominate box under general>profileX mean?
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