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  1. I did do the "screen fix" on the reuleaux 200 way back when but it took me quite a while and I had a lot of trouble with it. I can get the mod apart fine but its the flipping the little latch and keeping it down that is difficult for me and just getting in there in general. I may just order a screen or two from Proto while they still have them and give it a go however I do worry that that $ might be better saved to go towards a replacement if the screen is going to continue to need replacing regularly but I guess there really is no telling since every screen I've had in this has had pretty varied lifespans. Board replacement is completely beyond me and after buying soldering iron, etc I'd likely be better off just buying one of the many mods floating around in good condition that cost the same or less than a new chip when I can squirrel away the cash. And, to be fair, yes its three screens but that is over about 5 years and the one before this one, which did fail in just a few months, went for ~3 years with no problems. Most other mods don't last anywhere near that long so could just be nearing the end of its life. Sad but it does happen. Circle of life. Actually longevity is one of the main reasons, aside from only using TC, that I will only purchase Evolv chipped devices. I try to take good care of my stuff and do plenty of research so I usually get many years out of a device rather than only a couple months per device as I see a lot of vapers say is commonplace for the cheaper mods. And this is certainly beyond me. lol. I appreciate the info though. I guess screen replacement might indeed be a lost cause if this is needed to fix the problem. Blue stripes were the first sign of problems with this latest screen(though not the others) Here is an updated pic. Friday and then now. We've moved on from horizontal blues to vertical whites.
  2. Yeah, I can see how you'd make that leap but it was just sitting on the desk overnight not plugged in or anything. I was not given a reason for why the screen failed AFAIK. I definitely did not on the one in January. I might have on the one years ago but can't find any thing relating to that on what info I have from that time. I should have asked and I'm kicking myself for not. I do know the person I talked to and who fixed it in January was @JacobEvolv coincidentally the same person who wrote the post you linked however I doubt they remember a random RMA from 6 months ago but, hey, maybe he will and will comment ITT. When I took the housing off in January I did look at/under the screen and did not see any juice anywhere nor any other part that was easily disassembled so I really don't think that is the issue. Could be a low quality screen I guess but since Evolv fixed it I'd assume low qual screen=bad batch or something rare but what are the chances of that happening multiple times? Dirty Zif connector could be the problem but I would think if that were the case it would have been cleaned when the last one was put in or that somehow this specific mod is the only one I'm getting the Zif dirty on which is odd especially with the different timing(1 year, 3 years, 7 months which is super quick) and it being around the house only no pockets no outside use you'd think it would be the least likely to get dirty UNLESS its some kind of design flaw in the Triade that makes this happen easily. (apologies for run on sentence) Also, its kind of odd they fail in different ways and not the same each time. I only use one screen pretty much since I can do everything I want from there. Screen timing is same but I do have dimmer on. I'm at about 75w usually on this mod but only TC so not using full 75w the whole time or even much of it. If it were a heat thing would it get worse even without heat? I guess you could say something might have triggered it while using it but I do know it wasn't like that when I set it down the night before, was when I woke up, and has progressively gotten worse without being used so I don't know if it were something to do with board temp its odd that it was so delayed. My house is not hot either. I keep it about 68. Also as I noted earlier I do use a heat sink to protect the threads which helps with heat a little bit and I do not dry burn coils. I just rebuild when it starts to go off. Sometimes my RDA will get warm which is pretty typical but nothing crazy. As for screen failing because of backside of screen touching chips I'm not sure but aside from the MFG initially the other 2 were installed by Evolv and I'm sure they know what they are doing. The guy who did the RMA in January literally wrote the guide on replacing Triade screens so I'm fairly confident he did it correctly. Its also not blacked out. 1st time in 2018 it did just work one day and then dead screen the next. The one in January was a bit of black that randomly spread over 2+ months time before it was unusable. The current issue started as a couple of thin horizontal blue lines(not black) and over the last ~48 hours they have multiplied exponentially. First noticed it at 2, then several hours later it was 4, several more hours and it was like 8 or so and now too many to count. So its not like blacking out per se more glitching I guess and this is all without it being used during that time aside from a single button press maybe a half dozen times in the last 2 days. Here is an updated pic. You can see the progression a bit now.
  3. Always via external charger(Gyrfalcon 88) The only exception is when I hook up to escribe which is pretty infrequent and not for very long when I do.
  4. Exclusively having problems with a DNA250c LV Triade. Woke up yesterday to 2 horizontal blue lines towards the bottom of my screen. They weren't there the night before. No leakage or anything like that, no sign of juice anywhere. Didn't drop it or anything like that either. Left it on the desk by that night there were 3. This morning there were 4. Now there are 8 horizontal blue lines along the length of the screen. I haven't touched the mod in 2 days aside from a button tap last night, this morning, and this evening to see if it was worse. Other than that its just sat on my desk untouched not hooked up to PC. Batteries are all in good condition, good quality data cable, etc. I take good care of my mods. Aside from the screen and a little bit of wear on the bottom it still looks and functions like new. I even use heat sinks on all my non-bottomfed mods so the only threads getting used are the heat sinks threads. But still, screen issues. Got the mod new in 2017, had to get screen fixed late 2018 (whole screen died overnight IIRC) then January 2021 I had to send it back in because the screen slowly went black bit by bit over a couple months time until I couldn't see anything. Had a look and there was no juice or anything inside the mod, nothing on the screen, no cracks, etc but wasn't confident I could do a replacement myself so I sent it in, Evolv fixed it and its been fine until yesterday. So I got a year off the original, 3 years off the second screen, and 7 months off the third. Each time the function never changed. I could still use it and change settings blind or via escribe. Just a non-functioning screen. Each replacement was done by Evolv so obviously not shoddy work replacing them. Never had a single screen issue with any other Evolv chipped device. Again, no juice seepage, water damage, dropping, etc. Literally sat on a desk and popped up overnight. I'm just completely at a loss here as to why these screen issues keep happening and with this particular mod. Don't really want to file another ticket with Evolv since they never let me pay for anything but shipping and it seems like taking advantage at this point especially if screen issues are going to keep happening so I'm just hoping you guys might have some insight as to what in the world could be going on. I don't have any pictures of the first one. Just the pic I sent to evolv for the 1/21 RMA and the screen as it is right now(looks like we went up from 8 to 9 lines while I was typing this) Maybe they will be of some help. Would appreciate any insight you guys might have. Thanks.
  5. Got an old Lavabox M today. Going in to set everything up like I like it and doing thermals etc I found the mod resistance section was set to zero. I don't have anything around here to measure myself but thought surely it would be online somewhere since it was such a popular mod. Turns out that's not the case after searching here, ECF, reddit, etc. So I'm hoping someone here can share what the mod resistance is or at least what number it shipped with. Thanks!
  6. I keep getting this same pop-up and I'm not sure why. For reference its a 250c not 75c. Just moving over from the non-color series and got all my material settings and basically everything besides the theme set-up. All of this runs fine, saves fine, uploads fine, and also the mod works as it should. Its also the same battery curve I've been using for years on these batteries and the materials/profiles I've been using for years so there are no issues there. The only time I experience these issues is when I am working in Theme Designer. I make sure to go through a single entry at a time before testing it by trying to upload to device and then if it works I'll save it into a saved theme like: prelim theme v1.1, v1.2, etc so that I can make sure everything works before I try something else. I am getting this error popping up every time I make any change in Theme Designer and then try to upload the settings to the device.
  7. Okay, I'll definitely update if it happens again. It seems to have stopped again now so it could be fixed or it could just lulling me into a false since of security so it can thoroughly crush me again later on. Hopefully its what you said it was and I wont have to take the mod apart and look around. Its just so weird that it started doing it all of a sudden(especially starting off as check battery then escalating to imbalanced(or maybe that is the normal progression I'm not sure)) and then working fine off and on. Most everything I have read about battery issues its either it works or something happens and it doesn't work at all. Is there any way it could just be that my batteries are getting close to the end of their life span? They aren't very old but I thought that might be the issue. I don't have another married set of 3 to try though. That's part of the reason I have only been charging through the usb. That and the fact that I only have a 2 bay charger. Thank you for the help by the way. I really appreciate it.
  8. I pulled the batteries but didn't rotate them. I didn't know if I should. They never have been before. I just took them out and gave them a good once over and they look fine. The wraps are good, and the contacts on the mod and the batteries all look good. I cleaned them with a little cloth anyway but they looked new. Wasn't sure if I should use something to clean them or not so I just wiped them down with the cloth with nothing on it. It didn't seem to do anything. Nothing came off on the cloth but like I said the contacts still look the same as I did when I got it. Since taking the batteries out and putting them back in about a half hour ago I haven't had anything happen but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Like I said, it happened for about 20 minutes last night and then was fine until a couple hours ago. Then it started up again about an hour and a half ago, got worse, I made this post, pulled the batteries and reinserted them, and it hasn't done anything yet but I guess it could just been in that in between state like last night. If that didn't help, not sure why it would I didn't really do much of anything, then what should I be looking for as far as the wiring and stuff goes? I don't really know anything about that stuff so I wouldn't know what to look for but I can follow instructions pretty well.
  9. Lets get the specifics out of the way first. Reauleaux with LG HG2s Velocity RDA dual coil spaced Ti build 26g .24ohms 100w preheat punch@11 1s 90w So this started last night. I'd press the power button and nothing would happen so I tried it again looking at my screen. Sometimes it would just flash the welcome primary screen, sometimes it would flash the primary and secondary and then the check battery screens, and sometimes it would go straight from welcome primary to the check battery screen. My battery was almost fully charged. This happened several times in a row, then it would fire a few times, then it would do it again, then it would work for a while and do it again. This went on over about a 20 minute period. Then it went away completely and didn't happen again for the rest of the evening. Now I just got home and plugged the device into my computer, battery was reading 96%. Everything was going fine and then it did it again. It flashed to welcome primary then to check battery. It did this twice. So I opened up Escribe and hooked it up to the device monitor. Then all of a sudden(in the last 10 minutes or so) it is intermittently popping up imbalanced battery. It will read 4.04, 4.04, 4.04(sometime 4.03 on one) and fire just fine. Then it will go back to saying imbalanced battery with varying readings for the voltages. One time during this is popped up imbalanced battery then switched back to being fine and then to check battery then firing fine the imbalanced battery again. Like right now its all 4.04 but just a second ago it was reading something crazy like .08, 1.08, and 3.8 then back to all 4.04 then now to 3.93, 4.01, 4.03. Now its going back and forth between firing, imbalanced, and check battery. Like I said, yesterday it was just doing the check battery thing a few times for like 20 minutes then it worked fine up until about 45 minutes ago then it did that, I think, twice and now its saying imbalanced batteries off on it. I'll fire it a few times just fine then imbalanced battery for a couple button presses and then back to working just fine and showing correct voltages. Nothing of note happened to the device prior to this starting. I have never removed the batteries from the mod since I got it. They have always been charged via good quality usb cables and I've never had an issue before now. It has never been dropped or mistreated at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've got no clue what to do.
  10. Custom fire screen theme would be nice though I have to admit I don't usually look at the screen when I fire it.
  11. Is there somewhere that lists all the changes in each firmware update? What is the temperature-dominate box under general>profileX mean?
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