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  1. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    ok I found it ans everything on mine looked exactly like your picture you sent me except mine was set on 3 cell
  2. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    Samsung 25r and I just put a set of brand new never used fully charged Sony vtc5. Let me try this quick.
  3. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    I'm not understanding. Idk what 'mod' tab is and the pic I sent you of the device monitor there was batteries installed. An I don't know what 'manufacturer' UI is or how to get to that stuff. Sorry I'm kind of a noob with eScribe. After I fixed the 510 issue the mod worked and I used it for about a hair and then I figured I would customize some screens and I hit restore default botton and now Ib have this issue
  4. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    I also should mention that I took the Batts out last evening and let it sit over night and still getting it
  5. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    But my issue is when it's not plugged in I will power it on it will show my logo then it goes off. When it's plugged in I get what I showed you in the pics and even on device monitor where you can hit the botton yo make your mod fire it says battery to are to low
  6. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking for sorry. But here are some pics of what I thought you was asking for.
  7. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    Ok i figured it out the spring and pin were stuck so I took the ring off and managed to get it back up.. I had it working for a little bit plugged it back into eScribe to do some customizing and now it's not reading my batteries.. wtf
  8. chilly814

    Check atomizer warning

    Just got a Therion 166 with dna 250. Put a goon rda on top and im just getting check atomizer. My guess is the 510 connections is messed up. My question is what do I look for to see if it is and how do I go about fixing it the cheapest way..
  9. chilly814

    200 or 250?

    So is the HEXNA 900 a DNA200 or DNA25O? Craving vapors website says it's a 200 but when Its plugged into eScribe it tells me it's a DNA250. I even searched for the info and it said the same and gave me a seriel number. ill add the pics to show you what I saw.
  10. chilly814

    Hexna900 battery

    Awe man that sucks... But thank you both for the info.
  11. chilly814

    Hexna900 battery

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me .i got a HexNA 900 it runs off the DNA250 chip. But as I'm sure you figured by the name it has only a 900mah lipo in it. I was hoping I could replace that to a bigger one. does anyone know if it's possible with this mod? I can't seem to find alot of info on this mod online.
  12. chilly814

    Let's see your 250's!

    Just came yesterday! Mod: HexNA 900 Chipset: DNA250 RDA: GOON with a .22 fused clapton build