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  1. My V5 Boxer Style, slightly bigger screen window and rounded buttons and reworked the internals a wee bit for the door. This one i spent a lot of time on sanding and polishing to get silky smooth... then added some carbon wrap to the front panel just to be different. Currently fitted with the dual 18650 sled but can easily be changed to a lipo.

    2017-11-16 18.53.34.jpg

    2017-11-16 21.11.53.jpg

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  2. Recently got myself a 3D printer, have already build three DNA mods, all the typical rectangular box shapes, but now i have designed and printed my own take on teh Boxer, just waiting for the board to arrive so i can build it, all press fit bar the board screws and 510 nut...


    2017-06-25 16.03.35.jpg

    2017-06-25 18.17.29.jpg

    2017-06-25 18.17.39.jpg

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  3. I see there is a 3D model of the DNA75C board, but its in Solidworks format, is there anyone with the model in .STL or  .3MF format, i dont have solidworks and all converters seem to require purchase, I have searched on google and cannot find anything useful, i would appreciate it if somebody could share a file in either of the two formats above, thanks :) 

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  4. Just turn up the TC limit on your 316L build, its not a big deal, i use both 317L and 316L in my builds, since Evolv changed to SP's in Escribe, all my builds now need to be set to 240C instead of 200C for the temp limit, to get the same vape i used to get, but i dont get any dry hits and ive vaped my tanks dry on occasion.

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  5. Nice collection there Nykademos :)

    Ive since tried to hide some of my bad cutting and the wires with a wee cover and Faux carbon wrap.

    And here my overall DNA collection, from DNA40, 75, 133, 200 and 250w, all the DNA40 were home made (4 on the left) as were some of the bigger mods.

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