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  1. AutomaticFailure

    DNA 60 Firmware

    I have the same issue with my resistance jumping on my epetite. This was after I got it back from escribe for repair, which I don't know if they didn't solder it correctly or what, but my resistance will jump anywhere as high as +.70
  2. AutomaticFailure

    DNA 60

    Good to know I am not the only one. I've contacted Evolv and they told me it's a possible hardware bug/issue. Hopefully they try and fix soon, it's kind of annoying to get a flash of light everytime.
  3. AutomaticFailure

    DNA 60

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this since there isn't a DNA60 dedicated 'Report Bug' section. When I fire the mod, my screen lights up brighter. I've tweaked the settings to all be at 30%, tried to removed 'fade in' time, basically, changed everything, yet when it's fired, the brightness seems to go to max. I let go and it's back to the 30% it's set at. My other DNA200s do not do this when firing, they stay at the same brightness when fired or idle. Is something different in this chip to where the screen goes to max brightness when fired or some setting I can tweak to get it to stay at a low light level? Thanks EDIT: According to the pdf "The screen will be at full brightness while firing." - Guess that solves my question.